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The Conference Board of Canada Report by Alexandru Dobrescu, Abhi Bhandari, Greg Sutherland, Thy Dinh

This report is an update of the mortality and costs of tobacco use in Canada and in all provinces and territories using up-to-date reference information and data from the year 2012.

Document Highlights

Tobacco use is one of the primary causes of preventable morbidity and mortality worldwide. Overall, an estimated 45,464 deaths were attributable to smoking in Canada in 2012, leading to 599,390 potential years of life lost as a result of premature mortality. The total costs of tobacco use were $16.2 billion, with indirect costs accounting for $9.5 billion, direct health care costs accounting for $6.5 billion, and other direct costs responsible for the remainder.

The Costs of Tobacco Use in Canada, 2012 may be used to conduct analyses of avoidable costs to determine where resources should be devoted to obtain the greatest value. It is important to understand Canadian trends in tobacco use and related costs to effectively develop, implement, and evaluate federal, provincial, and territorial policies, programs, and strategies. The findings will help to build the relevant evidence base to be used in the Federal Tobacco Control Strategy in Canada.

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