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“Within the next 10 years Canada must have a very different health-care system — one that is much more efficient and delivers higher quality and greater inclusiveness.”

It will likely still have the cherished single public payer feature, and indeed that might be extended to some areas like drugs and longer-term care that are now largely in the private domain. But the delivery of services within that public payer model will likely have a larger private sector presence. And the focus will need to shift to the prevention of health problems.

The path to this destination will not be easy. And the trail will not be blazed by governments. Instead, the stakeholders will have to up their game and bring it into the public arena. Only then will governments feel comfortable in joining the effort.

Don Drummond, former chief economist at TD, is the Matthews Fellow and distinguished visiting scholar in the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s. February 2, 2012. More.

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