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Companion of the Order of Canada

  • Janet Rossant for advancing the global understanding of embryo development and stem cell biology, and for her national and international leadership in health science.

Officer of the Order of Canada

  • Sandra Black for contributing to improved diagnosis and treatment of vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.
  • Kenneth Denton Craig for providing a new model for the assessment of pain as a global leader in the field of pain research.
  • Daniel J. Drucker for his contributions to the development of medicines used around the world to treat diabetes and intestinal disorders.
  • Mary Gospodarowicz Evans for contributing to improved cancer radiotherapy and for her leadership in advancing cancer care around the world.
  • Paul D. N. Hébert for his achievements as an evolutionary biologist, notably as a pioneer of DNA barcoding.

Members of the Order of Canada

  • Aubie Angel for his contributions to endocrinology and to the establishment of health organizations in Canada.
  • Pat Capponi for her contributions as an important voice for the homeless and for those living with mental illness.
  • John V. Cross for his achievements as a pioneer in Saskatchewan’s biotechnology industry and for his extensive civic engagement.
  • Jagannath Prasad for his internationally recognized work in the field of cognitive psychology, notably in the development of a new theory of intelligence.
  • Madeleine Dion Stout for contributing to the development of Aboriginal health care in Canada as a nurse, researcher and advocate.
  • Elaine Dobbin for her support of various causes in her province, notably in the areas of health care research and community-based care for individuals living with autism.
  • Kathryn Jane Nightingale Hannah for her efforts to promote the use of information technology to enhance nursing care in Canada and abroad.
  • Stewart Harris for his contributions to the development of strategies to manage and reduce diabetes in Aboriginal communities and other vulnerable populations.
  • Frances Oldham Kelsey for her efforts to protect public health, notably by helping to end the use of thalidomide, and for her contributions to clinical drug trial regulations
  • Jay Keystone for his contributions as a clinician and educator who has expanded the discipline of tropical and travel medicine.
  • Adeera Levin for her leadership in the treatment of kidney disease.
  • Fiona Nelson for a life of volunteer work devoted to the well-being of children, notably in the fields of education and health.
  • Vivian Morris Rakoff for his contributions to psychiatry as an educator and clinician, and for his role in founding the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
  • Mohamed Iqbal Ravalia for his contributions to rural medicine in Newfoundland and Labrador as a family physician, mentor and community leader.
  • Hubert Sacy for his leadership in the prevention of alcohol abuse, notably as director general of Éduc’alcool.
  • Barbara Kristina Schmidt for her contributions to advancing the standard of care for critically ill newborns in Canada and abroad.
  • Marla Shapiro for her contributions as a family physician and as a trusted source of health information who communicates both the medical and human impacts of health care concerns.
  • Susan Sherwin for her contributions as a scholar, mentor and leader in the field of feminist bioethics, notably through her writings on discrimination in health care.
  • Carolyn Ruth Wilson for her contributions to improving primary care in Ontario and for her leadership in family medicine.
  • Martin Yaffe for his groundbreaking research in breast cancer screening and for his commitment to improving women’s health.

Other recipients can be found here.

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