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At-a-glance documents include Definitions, Statewide Outcomes, Essential Local Activities, Performance Measures, and Key Indicators for each Area of Public Health Responsibility.

Performance Measures Full Question Set, At-a-Glance
Assure an Adequate
Local Public Health
Full Question Set (PDF: 89KB / 8 pages)
At a Glance (PDF: 92KB / 3 pages)
2010 CHB Questions
(PDF: 25KB / 1 page)
Promote Healthy Communities
and Healthy Behaviors
Full Question Set (PDF: 91KB / 2 pages)
At a Glance (PDF: 92KB / 3 pages)
Prevent the Spread of
Infectious Diseases
Full Question Set (PDF: 93KB / 3 pages)
At a Glance (PDF: 82KB / 2 pages)
Protect Against
Health Hazards
Full Question Set
(PDF: 123KB / 3 pages)
At a Glance (PDF: 34KB / 2 pages)
Prepare/Respond to Disaster,
Assist Communities in Recovery
Full Question Set (82KB / 2 pages)
At a Glance (PDF: 75KB / 2 pages)
Assure the Quality and
Accessibility of Health Services
Full Question Set (PDF: 75KB / 3 pages)
At a Glance (PDF: 46KB / 2 pages)

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