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Vol.4 No.1 | January 13, 2011

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Labour Force Ageing and Skill Shortages in Canada and Ontario
Julie Ann McMullin and Martin Cooke with Rob Downie

Concerns about the potential negative effects of skill shortages, defined as an excess demand for skilled workers, have been expressed by governments, labour organizations and many leading industry representatives. This report considers the ways in which the ageing of the labour force may influence skill shortages in Canada and Ontario. The purpose of this study is to examine the concern – that older and smaller labour forces may lead to a shortage of skilled workers. This study argues that although there is not strong evidence of economy-wide skill shortages, the ageing of the labour force may interact with other factors to result in localized, industry-specific shortages.

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From the Longwoods Archives

Nursing Leadership, 21(4) 2008: 33-41
Innovation in Leadership
A Case Study: The Initiative to Improve RN Scheduling at Hamilton Health Sciences
Laurel-Anne Wallace and Sharon Pierson

In 2003, Hamilton Health Sciences embarked on an initiative to improve and standardize nursing schedules and scheduling practices. The scheduling project was one of several initiatives undertaken by a corporate-wide Nursing Resource Group established to enhance the work environment and patient care and to ensure appropriate utilization of nursing resources across the organization’s five hospitals.
This article focuses on major activities undertaken in the scheduling initiative. The step-by-step approach described, plus examples of the scheduling resources developed and samples of extended-tour schedules, will all provide insight, potential strategies and practical help for nursing administrators, human resources (HR) personnel and others interested in improving nurse scheduling.

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January 11, 2010

Dr. Joshua Tepper to Vice President, Education for Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. More.
Ken Deane appointed to supervisor for Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital (HDGH), Windsor, ON.
Gary Lucas to Director Provincial Health HR Research and Planning, Ontario Hospital Association
Senator Pamela Wallin and Amit Chakma to serve as Honourary Chairs of The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame’s 2011 Induction Ceremony
Dr. Gabrielle Ledger resigns from Ontario Shores
Robert Taylor to President and CEO, Institute of Public Administration of Canada
Michael Martineau to VP, Sales & Marketing, B Sharp
Christine Chadwick to Chief Global Strategy Officer and Managing Director, Canada for Strategic Hospital Resources (SHR)
Shona Elliott to Vice-president of People, Organizational Effectiveness and Corporate Strategy, Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital, Windsor, ON
Crystal Houze to Vice-president/Chief Nursing Executive, Chatham Kent Health System, ON
Sarah Padfield to Vice-president/Chief Financial Officer, Chatham Kent Health System, ON

January 4, 2010

Lorraine McGrath to the Board of the Provincial Health Services Authority (BC)
Josie Walsh to President and CEO on an interim basis, Providence Healthcare (ON)
Stephen D’Arcy to Toronto Rehab (ON)
Michael Beswick to Chair of the Board, Providence Healthcare (ON)
Gretchen Van Riesen to Vice Chair of the Board, Providence Healthcare (ON)

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Corporate Chief and Medical Director for Diagnostic Imaging – The Scarborough Hospital, Scarborough, ON
VP, Finance & Corporate Services & VP People & Clinical Support Services – Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital, Burlington, ON
Vice President, Biologics and Vaccines – Rx&D Canada’s Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies, Ottawa, ON
President & Chief Executive Officer – Trillium Gift of Life Network, Toronto, ON
Manager EDCDP – HealthForceOntario, Toronto, ON

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