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Vol.4 No.12 | June 16, 2011

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From the HR Resources Database

Absenteeism and Disability Management – Effective Strategies Require Confronting the Elephants in the Room
Barbara G. Humphrey

We can’t escape that absenteeism and disability management represent an increasingly onerous and costly challenge for all organizations.  The demands of absenteeism and disability management on managers and human resources are growing.  The incidence of disability and rates of absenteeism in workplaces is escalating.  The frustration of managing this challenge is taking a toll on organizations, both in terms of financial cost and the burden on those responsible for managing these issues

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From the Longwoods Archives

Faculties of Medicine: Important Contributors to Health Human Resource Planning in Canada
Nick Busing and Irving Gold

In this commentary, we argue that Canada’s faculties of medicine are already heavily involved in meeting the HHR needs of Canadians and are extremely well poised to become even more involved in the process of HHR planning. Our faculties of medicine look forward to the time when Canada has a pan-Canadian, multi-professional HHR planning mechanism to which they can contribute.

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Myka Osinchuk to Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Cancer Foundation
George Mohacsi to Chairman of the Board of Directors, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc
Nancie Lataille to Senior Client Partner, Korn/Ferry International
Geneviève Laverty to Director, Legal, Scientific Affairs and Business Development, Medtronic of Canada Ltd
Jon Olsen to Senior Director, Cardiac and Vascular Group, Medtronic of Canada Ltd
Terry Finley to Senior Director, Head, Neck & Spine, Medtronic of Canada Ltd
Barbara Leavitt to Chair of the MEDEC Board
Dr. Barry McLellan to Chair of CAHO
Dr. Eric Fonberg to Chief of Staff of York Central Hospital, Richmond Hill, ON
Jody Shkrobot to President of the Canadian Pharmacists Association
Bristol-Myers Squibb has joined Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D)

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