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From the HR Resources Database

Simulating the Components of Resource Intensity Weight: A Good Proxy for Allocating Health Human Resources Across Inpatients?
Kisalaya Basu, Stéphane L. Paré and Ronald Wall

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From the Longwoods Archives

Healthcare Policy, 6(4) 2011
Research Paper

Hospital Expenditure as a Major Driver of Nurse Labour Force Participation: Evidence from a 10-Year Period in Canada
Marko Vujicic, Kanecy Onate, Audrey Laporte and Raisa Deber

This paper examines trends in the nursing labour market in Canada over a period of dramatic fluctuations in hospital expenditures. We add to previous analysis that covered the period 1991–1996 and use Census data from 2001 to examine the relationship between hospital expenditure and nurse labour force participation. We find that shifts in labour force participation over the period 1991–2001 had a significant impact on the nursing supply in Canada. Individuals who were trained in nursing but were working outside the profession in 1996 because of budgetary reductions and layoffs in hospitals had largely been reabsorbed back into nursing jobs by 2001. Our analysis provides further empirical evidence that the labour force participation among individuals trained in nursing is driven to a large extent by demand-side factors.

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Our transitions come from sources we believe to be reliable. We do not guarantee that they are correct. But we are rarely wrong.

Sheila Jarvis to chair of board of The Change Foundation
Susan Pigott to vice chair of board of The Change Foundation
Jim Elliot to the board of The Change Foundation
Marcia Visser to the board of The Change Foundation
Douglas Sinclair to the board of The Change Foundation
James Stonehouse has left Odgers Berndtson Canada
Penny Mirams to Partner & Health Care Practice Lead for Odgers Berndtson Canada
Dr. Susan Tallett has retired from the Hospital for Sick Children
Robert Mitchell to Vice-President of Communications and Stakeholder Relations, eHealth Ontario.
Kevin Smith appointed to Supervisor for Niagara Health System (NHS).
Lori Barker to Executive Director, the Canadian Cancer Society, PEI Division
Cheryl Taylor to Director of Resource Development at Heart House Hospice
Trish Matthews to Executive Assistant to CEO Providence Healthcare Foundation
Eric Latimer, PhD, joins the editorial team of the journal Healthcare Policy
Tom Predovic to Senior Vice President, Technology, Nexj Systems Inc.
Louise Sylvan to Chief Executive Officer of The Australian National Preventive Health Agency, an independent statutory authority created to lead the fight against preventable diseases through preventive health initiatives targeting obesity and alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse.

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