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Vol.4 No.1 | January 27, 2011

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Creating High-Quality Health Care Workplaces
M. Koehoorn, G. S. Lowe, K. V. Rondeau, G. Schellenberg and T. H. Wagar

Health human resources have emerged as a top priority for research and action. This paper echoes calls for a fundamentally new approach to the people side of the health care system – treating employees as assets that need to be nurtured rather than costs that need to be controlled. The question guiding the paper is: “What are the key ingredients of a high-quality work environment in Canada’s health care sector and how can this goal be achieved?” Synthesizing insights from a variety of research streams, the paper identifies many ingredients are needed to create a high-quality workplace. We take a multidisciplinary and holistic approach, which complements other research initiatives on health human resources in three ways. The paper suggests that health care organizations can, and must, achieve a virtuous circle connecting work environments, individual quality of work life, and organizational performance

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From the Longwoods Archives

HealthcarePapers, 9(2) 2009: 6-19
Invited Essay
Role of Educational Institutions in Identifying and Responding to Emerging Health Human Resources Needs
John-Paul Tzountzouris and John H.V. Gilbert

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January 25, 2010
Anne Phillips, M.D. (UofT), to Vice President, Clinical Development, Medical and Regulatory Affairs for North America, Novo Nordis
Thomas Sullivan to President and CEO, Symmetry Medical Inc.
Dr. Donald Stuss to President and Scientific Director (Interim), Ontario Brain Institute (OBI)
André Picard to receive The Hyman Solomon Award, presented annually by the Public Policy Forum, and recognizing journalists who explain to Canadians how policy changes affect them.

Transformational Canadians –  a Cisco initiative recognizing achievements from the last 25 years
James Orbinski: co-founder of Dignitas International, helping resource-strapped communities gain access to treatment for HIV and AIDS
Gordon Keller: leader in the field of regenerative medicine
Craig & Marc Kielburger: child-right’s activists, focused on eliminating childhood poverty and exploitation
Henry Morgentaler: progressive and controversial pro-choice advocate
Tom Chau: champion in pediatric rehabilitation and engineering, advocate for children with physical challenges
Jim Balsillie/Mike Lazaridis:   co-CEOs of Research in Motion, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and generous donors
Samantha Nutt: dedication humanitarian, Doctors Without Borders volunteer
Brenda Milner: neuropsychologist and major contributor to the science of memory and cognitive functioning
Rick Hansen: Paralympian athlete and activist for people living with physical challenges
Edward Brown: early founder of telemedicine in Canada, responsible for establishing an integrated strategy for telehealth services in Ontario
Prabhat Jha: inaugural University of Toronto endowed professor in disease control, expert adviser to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on HIV/AIDS

January 18, 2010
Don Taylor to the Canadian Care Team, Port Huron (Michigan) Hospital
Veronica Taylor to the Canadian Care Team, Port Huron (Michigan) Hospital
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