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HUMANIZING LEADERSHIP: Reflection Fuels, People Matter, Relationships Make the Difference

Hugh MacLeod

“Candid, concise, and skillfully delivered leadership advice.” KIRKUS Book Review

Humanizing Leadership, examines the various aspects of leadership, while putting an emphasis on the individual’s need to become his or her own style of leader through in-depth self-examination, rather than trying to mimic the style of others. This is a book that will change the way you look at leadership and help you discover what sort of leader you were naturally destined to be. While this book uses leadership science authored by academics to anchor principles and concepts, paired with anecdotal insights and perspective garnered through a wealth of professional and executive leadership experience, it should be treated as an instrument for creating dialogue and discussion, and formulating the necessary questions to put your own assumptions to the test.

“Through Longwoods I was fortunate to have co-authors write with me on HealthcarePapers, Healthcare Quarterly articles, Special Editions and Essays. The support, dialogue and freedom to experiment influenced the creation of this book.” Hugh MacLeod

More information Cultivateyourleadership.com

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