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A group of Canadian health care organizations have created a list of patient safety incidents (known as never events) that should never happen in hospitals.

Led by Health Quality Ontario and supported by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, the new report: Never Events for Hospital Care in Canada, says all never events are preventable using organizational checks and balances.

A few never events in the report include:

  • Surgery on the wrong body part or wrong patient, or conducting the wrong procedure
  • Wrong tissue, biological implant or blood product given to a patient
  • Unintended foreign object left in a patient after a procedure

To create the report, the group of health care quality organizations from across Canada, known as the Never Events Action Team, researched, surveyed and consulted with providers, patients and the public before recommending a list of never events in Canada’s health care system.

The list of never events is meant to encourage the ongoing development of a safer health system. By identifying what events should be never events, it is hoped that Canadian hospitals will rally around them and harness their collective knowledge, expertise and experiences to prevent them from happening.

Click below to read the full report, including the complete list of never events. If you have any additional questions about this report, please contact info@hqontario.ca.

For more information about the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, please visit:patientsafetyinstitute.ca.

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