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Healthcare Quarterly
Using a Quality Improvement Process to Create Measurable Improvement in Care Delivery for Acute Stroke
Rhonda Whiteman, Linda Gould, Wieslaw Oczkowski, Kathryn LeBlanc and Patti Leonard

Responsibility for Canada’s Healthcare Quality Agenda: Interviews with Canadian Health Leaders
Terrence Sullivan, Fredrick D. Ashbury, Jason Pun, Barbara M. Pitt, Nina Stipich and Jasmine Neeson

Nursing Leadership
Nursing Leaders’ Accountability to Narrow the Safety Chasm: Insights and Implications from the Collective Evidence Base on Healthcare Safety
Lianne Jeffs, Kathleen MacMillan, Colleen McKey and Ella Ferris

Healthcare Policy
Advancing Coordinated Care in Four Provincial Healthcare Systems: Evaluating a Knowledge-Exchange Intervention
Grace Warner, Renee Lyons, Victoria Parker and Stephen Phillips

Electronic Healthcare
Legislative Barriers to Outpatient e-Prescribing in a Randomized Trial
Sherman Quan, Merrick F. Zwarenstein, Katie N. Dainty, William J. Sibbald and Neill K. J. Adhikari

World Health and Population
A Qualitative Inquiry into the Application of Verbal Autopsy for a Mortality Surveillance System in a Rural Community of Southern India
Prem K. Mony and Mario Vaz

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