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 by Colin Busby, Ramya Muthukumaran and Aaron Jacobs

  • In international performance surveys, Canada’s healthcare system fares poorly compared to peer countries. Since provinces are responsible for delivering most health services, they also bear the responsibility for the poor performance.
  • Although some provinces’ performance is buoying up Canada’s national results, none of the provincial healthcare systems approach the international average, and the Atlantic provinces appear to have the most serious issues.
  • Provincial healthcare and international performance comparisons help assess individual provinces against non-US nations, highlighting the magnitude of domestic shortcomings; and they show we may not have to look abroad for solutions that are available in Canada. Provinces can learn lessons from each other. The federal government should support these comparison efforts to promote more innovation within Canada.
  • Progress can and should be made with improved coverage, such as for drugs and dental care, plus shorter wait times, but major improvements on these issues would be insufficient to move most Canadian provinces from the rankings’ bottom, absent broader, far-reaching change. Improving medicare is a serious challenge.

Every three years, a respected US foundation, the Commonwealth Fund, ranks healthcare systems around the world. Its objective is to improve US healthcare by learning from others – and it has sparked debates around reforms in that country and others.

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