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Sustainability as a business approach is becoming widely adopted by companies and organizations around the world. The health care sector is no different. This industry has begun to embrace sustainability mindset as the linkage between greener operations, improved health care and lower operating costs is becoming more apparent. Hospitals are starting to place greater emphasis on greener products for use in delivering patient care, as well as the materials used throughout their facilities, such as cleaning products and office supplies. While the sector has made great strides toward sustainability, greater leaps will be needed to advance sustainable health care around the world.

This research paper is intended to inform health care procurement professionals, executives, administrators and providers about procurement trends for more sustainable and greener products in the health care industry. Johnson & Johnson commissioned SK&A (www.skainfo.com) to conduct global research on the state of sustainable products in the health care industry.

Throughout this paper, the research findings are shared and explained. Further insights and perspective are provided by two industry organizations that were interviewed: Practice Greenhealth, a U.S.-based not-for-profit that encourages environmental best practices in health care; and Healthcare Without Harm, an international coalition group promoting the health of people and the environment. In addition, several health care organizations were also interviewed to provide an industry perspective on the research findings. More information about the research methodology is available at the end of this report. A PDF version of this report is available for download at www.earthwards.com.

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