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The first online best practices portal for social media in health care retires its link

The Health Strategy Innovation Cell was born in Fall 2008 and is now retired. Co-Founded by entrepreneur/risk-takers/researchers and Longwoods contributors Neil Seeman and Adalsteinn Brown

The Innovation Cell was a protean, global team of amazing student researchers who conducted globally recognized research and Web products in the ‘real-time Web’ – methods to capture self-reported Web data to improve health system accountability and disease management, with an early focus on pandemic surveillance and drug safety surveillance. The Innovation Cell worked with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, The Change Foundation, the Health Council of Canada, IBM, Healthy Minds Canada, the OHA, Universities, Longwoods Publishing and other NGOs and philanthropists, Fortune 100 companies, governments, and hospitals.

Among the Innovation Cell’s accomplishments include the first online best practices portal for social media in health care (in partnership with CAMH and Providence Healthcare); four policy innovation books, including a practice guide for the use of social media in nursing and XXL: Obesity and the Limits of Shame (Univ. of Toronto Press), a finalist for the 2012 Donner Book Prize; the Global Accelerator Award, given to initiatives that Web analytics reveal to be improving patient care; and a spin-off company, myhealthcareinnovation.com, a Web consultancy. Cell work has been profiled in major media around the world. The Cell was described by Longwoods Publishing thus: “a discombobulated group of thinkers who break barriers only to find ideas that seed invention and improvement”. The Cell is proud of all its amazing alumni and partners around the world. For those interested in the Innovation Cell’s history, please type “Health Strategy Innovation Cell” in to Google to see the extraordinary breadth and impact of Cell work over just three years of full-time Cell activity – 2009, 2010, and 2011. Our goal has always been to provide a hub for otherwise contrarian research and ideas, and, sometimes, to spin those ideas off into real, low-cost healthcare innovations.

Please note that the Innovation Cell innovation always believed innovation should spirit forth sometimes crazy new ideas, some of which fly to the moon, most of which fail. It believed innovation incubation should be financially and time-limited in order to succeed. Failure, a form of success, should be embraced.

Neil Seeman, past CEO of the Cell, is now Founder and CEO of The RIWI Corporation, originally used for government-commissioned peer-reviewed pandemic surveillance. RIWI offers a patented, exclusive random domain intercept technology that is a gateway to the freshest, non-incented global stream of respondents and data. It is academically peer-reviewed and award-winning (IIeX Philadelphia 2013): a disruptive and unique technology for global data capture in every region of the world. Neil continues to teach on the Internet and health policy at the University of Toronto. Prof. Adalsteinn Brown is Director, Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation and Chair, Public Health Policy, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto. RIWI team members are globally leading Internet and data experts, whose work has and will continue to apply to improving global public health — and focusing on the importance of new tools of global measurement as the seed of innovation.

Neil Seeman

CEO, The RIWI Corporation

1.416.205.9984/ 1.416.568.3113 (mobile)

IIeX – 2013 Data Innovation Award Winner



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