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Wanna write? Try a book review. Write a short story about an incident at work or school. Did you witness a special moment that made a significant difference to a patient. Do you want to highlight a special act from emergency responders? Did that stern head nurse with that starched collar help you over a rough spot? Share it. Is someone on maintenance more helpful than that clinician with a chip embedded on his (or her) shoulder?

We have standards. Keep it under 500 words. We reserve the right to edit and (yes) even reject that little bit of gossip you hope to get online. Send your piece to thepublisher@longwoods.com.

Just remember: There exists no one way toward becoming a professional writer. You cannot perfectly walk another’s journey. That’s why writing advice is just that — it’s advice. It’s mere suggestion. Might work. Might not. Lots of good ideas out there, but none of it is gospel. One person will tell you this is the path. Another will point the other way and say that is the path. They’re both right for themselves, and they’re both probably wrong for you. We all chart our own course and burn the map afterward. It’s just how it is. If you want to find the way forward, then stop looking for maps and start walking. This paragraph borrowed from 25 things I want to say to so-called “aspiring” writers. Read the whole thing!

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