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From the Publisher.  October 1, 2013

eReaders and computer tablets, as well as standard laptops and desktops are enjoying soaring popularity. They are all digital. And so . . .

Everything we do is digital. Print is the exception.

What we do makes us the number 1 journal serving the Canadian professional healthcare sector. A bonus is the reach in other major countries across the globe: USA, England, India and much of Europe.

Digital has become the inevitable metamorphosis. The literate population that consumes the lion’s share of all written information has begun to devour digital content on new, intriguing and attractive platforms that are convenient, portable and — there’s no denying it — fun!

What is a magazine?

It’s a lot. Here are a few characteristics we keep in mind.

  • Periodicals are most often sold as subscriptions.
  • The average online subscriber spends 50-60 minutes per month with each new issue.
  • Readers access the online reference sources for solutions. They read the journals for mastery.
  • Readers can buy either the journal individually or by subscription or simply buy an article or paper – one at a time. Some do both.
  • Virtually every publisher has more opportunities than resources to deal with. They routinely have more initiatives than they can staff, track and manage. We like the challenge

We have focused our products. We don’t offer dozens of journals or magazines or databases on dozens of sectors. We offer only a few publications and make them insanely great. They cover healthcare and sometimes medicine if it involves policy.

Today, we offer: online indexed journals, news, information/updates, recruiting services and educational events. These are important user product categories. If you still enjoy a print subscription – you are a member of a diminishing crowd. We are pleased to serve you. In the meantime

  • We build websites designed to attract educated audiences.
  • We empower our readers.
  • We build relationships with individuals, institutions, universities and associations across the country and have made significant commitments to support their missions and visions.
  • We avoid the frivolous and the meaningless. But we don’t mind some humour and sleight of hand sometimes.

Subscriptions generate annuity revenue. Smart periodicals sell success and not promise. Independent score keepers keep track. Google, for example ranks all sites on the web. The lower the rank the better. Google is ranked No. 1. These statistics come from GoogleAnalytics and an accompanied website called Alexa.com. The numbers we follow measure journals and websites designed to serve the professional sectors focused on healthcare.

Numbers were taken from these sources on September 30, 2013. The rankings reflect positions on a list covering all websites in the world. No. 1 is Google.com in both Canada and the world. Remember that the number of websites in the world now number in the billions. Here are today’s scores.

  1. Longwoods.com | Longwoods Publishing
    7,094 in Canada (worldwide rank: 215,644) 9/30/2013
  2. CIHI.ca | Canadian Institute for Health
    Ranked 20,851 in Canada (worldwide rank: 588,867) 9/30/2013
  3. CMAJ.ca  | Canadian Medical Association Journal
    Ranked 21,523 in Canada (worldwide rank: 271,750) 9/30/2013
  4. HealthyDebate.ca | Li Ka Shing Institute
    Ranked N/A in Canada (worldwide rank: 
    655,425) 9/30/2013
  5. OpenMedicine.ca | Peer reviewed online medical journal
    Ranked N/A in Canada (worldwide rank: 
    707,861) 9/30/2013
  6. OHA.com | Ontario Hospital Association
    Ranked 27,427 in Canada (worldwide rank: 
    841,302) 9/30/2013
  7. CCHL-CCLS.ca | Canadian College of Health Leaders
    Ranked 31,219 in Canada (worldwide rank: 
    1,669,867) 9/30/2013
  8. Canadianhealthcarenetwork.ca | Rogers Publishing
    Ranked 74,438 in Canada (worldwide rank: 
    1,896,663) 9/30/2013
  9. CFHI-FCASS.ca | Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement
    Ranked 77,046
     in Canada (worldwide rank: 2,380,795) 9/30/2013
  10. Canhealth.com  | Canadian Healthcare Technology News
    Ranked N/A in Canada (worldwide rank: 
    1,891,699) 9/30/2013
  11. HealthcareManagementForum.org  | Canadian College of Health Leaders
    Ranked N/A in Canada (worldwide rank: 
    6,467,505) 9/30/2013
  12. COACHorg.com  | Canada’s Health Informatics Association
    Ranked N/A in Canada (worldwide rank: 
    7,851,788) 9/30/201

No one appears to be ready to estimate the number of websites currently available. But the Indexed Web contains at least 4.42 billion pages (Monday, 30 September, 2013). – source:http://www.worldwidewebsize.com/


Longwoods has always delivered to an online professional audience. Today we can say that we are number one serving the professional healthcare sector – in Canada. We do well internationally too.

What are the characteristics of the perfect digital magazine?

  1. You can read our journals front to back and back to front
  2. Our journals each have a beginning and an end –
  3. Our journals are digital and periodic.  There is a natural, organic frequency designated by the audience’s desire to consume the associated content.
  4. Our journals should be cohesive: Editors collect the most interesting and relevant content to supply audience members with a unified collection of articles.
  5. Our journals are portable: Readers can take their favorite issues with them where ever they go.
  6. Our journals are textual: The main component of magazine articles will always be the written word; photographs, charts and illustrations are additional enhancements to the content.
  7. Our journals are collectable: Readers like to own the content they pay for.
  8. Our journals are not limited by platform: Consumers of digital magazines will want to access content through multiple mediums, from laptops and desktops to tablets and handhelds.
  9. Our journals are searchable: We offer a companion subscription website where you can disaggregate all digital magazines content and create a searchable HTML database of editorial content.

We value the opinions held by readers and by our commercial supporters. Tell us what you really think? Write the Publisher.

*information drawn from various reliable data sources including Mequoda.com – our own industry leading practices web resource. Statistics drawn from Alexa.com and GoogleAnalytics.

October 1, 2013

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