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January 4, 2011


“Nurse” vs. “Doctor” by Neil Seeman

Off the Cuff

Quick facts from Health Care in Canada 2010 (taken from the CIHI website) – food for thought by pundits, analysts, commentators, and critics

  • More than 3,600 therapeutic knee arthroscopies were carried out in hospitals across Canada in 2008–2009, despite research suggesting that this procedure is a temporary fix that fails to improve outcomes or reduce discomfort when used to treat osteoarthritis.
  • In 2008–2009, 1,050 vertebroplasties—a spinal surgery that recent evidence has suggested is ineffective in some cases—were performed. The volume increased over the last three years, with approximately 600 performed in 2006–2007.
  • In 2008–2009, the variation in primary C-section rates was almost double across the provinces. Rates ranged from a high of 23% of deliveries in Newfoundland and Labrador to a low of 14% in Manitoba.
  • In 2008–2009, rates of hysterectomy varied by more than 60% between the provinces (after adjusting for population age differences). Rates ranged from a high of 512 per 100,000 women (age 20 or older) in P.E.I. to a low of 311 per 100,000 in British Columbia.
  • Age-standardized hysterectomy rates were significantly higher (46%) for women living in rural areas (464 per 100,000) than for women living in urban areas (318 per 100,000).
  • In 2008–2009, more than 92,000 hospital stays, or more than 2.4 million hospital days, were considered ALC in Canada.
  • Between 2004–2005 and 2008–2009, the age-adjusted rate of hospitalization for new heart attacks dropped from 239 per 100,000 people to 217 per 100,000 people.
  • Overall, 40% of publicly reportable facilities significantly decreased their HSMRs when 2009–2010 results are compared with those from 2004–2005.

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Breakfast with the Chiefs

Monday, January 24, 2011
Janet Davidson, President & CEO of Trillium Health Centre, and
Steven Lewis, health policy and research consultant based in Saskatoon, and Adjunct Professor of Health Policy at the University of Calgary and Simon Fraser University.
Topic: What is the Role of a Community Hospital? Really.
Location: University of Toronto, Health Sciences Building, Room 106, 155 College Street, Toronto, ON
Sponsors: Accenture and Baxter
Register here

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
Saäd Rafi, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Topic: Managing a Public Trust when Government is in Election Mode.
Location: Mount Sinai Hospital, Ben Sadowski Auditorium, 18th Floor, 600 University Avenue, Toronto, ON
Sponsors: Accenture
Register here
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January 13, 2011: Webinar. Cloud opportunities for Canadian Healthcare Organizations
January 21, 2011: Toronto, ON. Hospitalist Programs
February 7-11, 2011: Toronto ON. Advanced Health Leadership Program
February 13-15, 2011: Montreal, QC Nursing Leadership Conference
February 16, 2011: Montreal, QC. 2011 CEO Forum: Leadership Accountability in Canadian Healthcare. Hosted by CHSRF
February 22-23, 2011: Vancouver BC. CHSPR 2011 Health Policy Conference
February 22, 1011: Toronto, ON. The Role of Primary Care in Health System Reform
March 2-3, 2011: Mississauga, ON. QWQHC 5th Annual Summit
March 20, 2011-November 24, 2011: Multiple Locations. Physician Management Institute leadership development program
May 13- 14, 2011: Vancouver, BC. Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership

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  • Lorraine McGrath to the Board of the Provincial Health Services Authority (BC)
  • Josie Walsh to President and CEO on an interim basis, Providence Healthcare (ON)
  • Stephen D’Arcy to Toronto Rehab (ON)
  • Michael Beswick to Chair of the Board, Providence Healthcare (ON)
  • Gretchen Van Riesen to Vice Chair of the Board, Providence Healthcare (ON)

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