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Comment after this morning’s Breakfast with the Chiefs featuring Dr. Marty Kohn, IBM’s Chief Medical Scientist for Care Delivery Systems: “(Dr.) WATSON will change Medicine; similar to the Stethoscope. An historic morning.” (signed by a physician in the audience)


When the misuse or abuse of alcohol or another drug infiltrates into the ranks of health professions such as nursing, the cloak of unspeakability morphs into an impenetrable code of silence where denial stands sentinel at the gates of what could have led to an open market of dialogue and brainstorming.” Paula Davies Scimeca

Off the Cuff

Strategies for Transition Planning in Ontario’s Local Health Integration from Sue Vanderbent.

Making the Transition: Staff Nurse to Front-Line Nurse Leader. A critical analysis of organizational and individual factors

Healthcare Governance in Transition: From hospital boards to system boards

Transition Management as an Intervention for Survivor Syndrome

Tools for Addressing Systems Issues in Transition

System solutions to improve stroke outcome

How much does it cost to launch and publish a scholarly journal? Rethinking the cost of open access.

Health Equity Dialogues – A Time for Action By Carey Levinton

CQCO Quality and Innovations Awards
Call for Nominations

Quality of lift: faster hospital elevators improve patient care.

CIHR Funding
Thursday, June 28, 2012: French (Register): 9:00 – 10:00am EDT  |  English (Register): 11:00am – 12:00pm EDT. This webinar will include funding Opportunity highlights, Questions & Answers. These grants will support the generation of high-quality policy analyses that identify evidence-informed policy options for healthcare renewal in Canada in the priority areas of healthcare financing and funding, health system sustainability, and governance and accountability as part of CIHR’s Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal Signature Initiative.

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