ElectronicHealthcare 1(3) May 2002 : 58-63

The HIT Report from KLAS: HIT Performance: Physician Order Entry Perception Study; FOCUS: Leading Physician Order Entry - Clinical Information System Vendors



This extract from a recent study offers unique insight into the perception of HIT executives relative to the leading Physician Order Entry - Clinical Information System (CPR based) vendors, in the healthcare industry, and was published November 2001 by KLAS.
A specific 17-question "Market Perception" survey was developed. Interviews were conducted to understand the perception of the participants about today's software capabilities comparing the possible vendors. The purpose of the study was to find out the most likely vendors to be included by healthcare and IT professionals in today's selection process versus a year ago, and why.


The study found that 75% of acute care organizations were looking at either implementing CPOE (Computer-based Physician Order Entry) or augmenting an existing CPOE with wireless.
Today's "consumerism" in healthcare coupled with reports from the Institute of Medicine, previous studies, and initiatives of the Leapfrog Group in conjunction with the goals of healthcare executives to improve care and eliminate errors, appear to be calling for more automation in the healthcare delivery system.

  • IOM: A recent Institute of Medicine (IOM) report "Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century" states that our healthcare delivery system is "plagued by a serious quality gap." Another IOM report, "To Err is Human," focused on medical errors and patient deaths.
  • McDonald: A study by McDonald published in 1984, a landmark 2-year study, showed that physician computerized reminders increased the quality of care and reduced medical errors.
  • Leapfrog Group:** The Leapfrog Group is promoting three patient safety practices as the initial focus for consumer education and information, and hospital recognition and reward. One of these is the use of computerized physician order entry (CPOE) in hospitals to prevent serious medication errors.


The industry is not in total agreement as to the definition of a Clinical Information System/Computer-based Clinical Patient Record and whether that includes physician order entry. Chart 1 depicts the actual survey results.

This study accepted a definition of CIS/CPR software as one that meets the IT requirements of direct care providers such as nurses and physicians founded upon a CPR (Computer-based or Clinical Patient Record) to assist in charting, supports physician order entry (POE) and provides rules-based alerting and reminders.


The study measured the Physician Order Entry - CIS/CPR vendors that would be included in a purchase decision if it were made today (as compared to a year ago). Apparently, many healthcare organizations are either currently implementing or seriously planning software purchases that would give care providers such as physicians, nurses, and others the ability to view data, chart data, order procedures and instantly receive alerts on virtually all clinical data. Chart 2 depicts the frequency with which the vendors were identified.

Cerner is the vendor that nearly 90% of the buyers would look at seriously today, followed by McKesson at 67%. Compared to one year ago, most vendors had little change in how they are perceived with the exception of Epic and McKesson who's perception increased 107% and 46% respectively.


When selecting a POE - CIS/CPR solution, the advantage to the incumbent is apparent (see Chart 3), especially if one is already a Cerner, IDX or Meditech client.


Executives interviewed were asked to rate the vendors in ten areas. Each area was rated on a scale of 1-5 with 1 reflecting a robust strong product to 5 equating to non-existent. Chart 4 identifies the 10 areas and the corresponding vendor ratings. Cerner and Epic are considered the strongest in Supporting Physician Use and POE is driving many decisions based upon the study findings. This perception can play powerfully in the buyer's decision to include a vendor.


KLAS professionals interviewed 113 acute care organizations representing clients of every major clinical information system vendor. The titles of the respondents ranged from CIO, Director IS, Manager IS, to MDs and Others.

The interviews were conducted with a broad array of acute healthcare organizations from University Medical Centers to IDNs and from under 100 beds to over 1,000 beds, allowing the report to enjoy a good cross section of data. The results of each interview were entered into a database where the actual respondent is kept confidential.


Many Canadian healthcare facilities and organizations use vendors who supply solutions unique to Canada. KLAS - the organization rating IT vendors in this and subsequent issues of ElectronicHealthcare - is willing to gather confidential and candid data from Canadian healthcare executives and provide access to the results to the all data contributors. The vehicle that will be used is the web-based KLAS vendor evaluation form found at www.healthcomputing.com under "rate your vendor" button. If you are interested in participating please contact Mr. Ralph Reyes Jr., Senior Vice President, KLAS Enterprises LLC. Telephone: 281-257-9993. Email: ralph@healthcomputing.com.
If you have comments, suggestions or questions about this vendor-rating feature please send an email to editors@longwoods.com.

A HIT Special Report from KLAS

HIT Performance: Action is the Word

We at KLAS truly marvel as we report on the experiences HIT clients have had with their selected vendors. Vendors who succeed truly are action oriented. Many years ago, a young man from India refused to do nothing and sprung into action. His actions helped to awaken, and then liberate a nation. One of his many quotes is appropriate here as we speak of action-oriented performance:

"It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result." --Gandhi

This Fall, KLAS wishes to recognize those top-performing vendors whose eyes are on action, specifically, action that has stimulated their clients to reflect on the experiences they received throughout 2001 and rank and rate them as appropriate. We especially wish to thank the 1000+ healthcare executives for the more than 3,500 healthcare facility reports we received that have allowed us to identify the best HIT performers from 200 vendors and 300 HIT products.

The vendors noted below have been active in the professional lives of their clients. When a client needed support, or a program fixed or special attention to their issues, the vendors below did not dwell on their past laurels or respond with Utopian vision statements for the future. They did what clients needed, they sprung into action to solve issues and provide comfort. The performance noted below is not a one-time event but a report on the HIT vendor progress over time, demonstrating their commitment to their client. I am often reminded of an old saying when I hear a vendor expound on their future plans, "A person can be on the right track but if they just sit there the train will run them over." We thank these vendors for being on the right track of action.

It is with great pleasure that KLAS recognizes these top HIT performers as "Best in KLAS" for the year 2001. Congratulations.


HIT Top Performers
Listing of "Best in KLAS" Categories for the Year 2001
Overall 2001 Top HIT Performer
Epic Cadence - Solution: Enterprise Scheduling
Acute Care Reg/Sched/PA
1. QuadraMed Affinity
2. Meditech MAGIC Financials
3. McKesson
Acute Care Ordering & Charting
1. Eclipsys SCM
2. Meditech MAGIC Clinicals
3. McKesson Horizon Clinical Doc.
1. PDS PharmPro
2. HCS Medics
3. McKesson Horizon Meds Manager.
Small Acute Care Reg/Sched/PA
1. HMS Monitor
3. QuadraMed Affinity
Ambulatory Billing and Scheduling
1. LSS Practice Management
3. IDX Classic
1. IDX IDXrad v.9
2. Sunquest FlexiRad
3. Cerner QuadRIS
Ambulatory Clinical EMR & Charting
1. Epic EpicCare
2. Medscape Logician
1. Sunquest FlexiLab
2. Triple G Ultra
3. Cerner Classic Lab
General Financial
1. MediClick
2. Lawson
3. PeopleSoft
Financial Decision Support
1. HMS HCm/Alliance
2. McKesson Trendstar
3. Eclipsys Sunrise Decision Support
OR Scheduling
1. iPath ORMIS
2. SIS OR Scheduling
3. Cerner Millennium SurgiNet
1. Madison Aligndex
2. 3M Care Innovation
3. QuadraMed MPI
Enterprise Scheduling
1. Epic Cadence
3. Tempus Encompass
Home Health
1. McKesson Pathways Homecare
2. Siemens Delta
Interface Engine
1. SeeBeyond e*Gate
2. Siemens OPENLink
3. Healthcare.com Cloverleaf
Specialty Niche
1. Stentor iSite
2. Per-Se ANSOS
3. Lanier VoiceWriter/ MedWord
1. DR Systems
2. Philips
3. Philips (Marconi)
Acute Care CDR
1. 3M Care Innovation
2. Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Mgr.
3. IDX LastWord

About the Author(s)

KLAS, founded in 1996, is the only research and consulting firm specializing in monitoring and reporting the performance of healthcare's information technology vendors (HIT). Our staff and advisory board average 25 years of healthcare information technology experience.

KLAS, in concert with thousands of healthcare executives, CIOs, directors, managers and clinicians has created a dynamic database of information on the performance of HIT vendors. The KLAS database represents the opinions of healthcare executives, managers and clinicians from over 3,000 healthcare facilities on 180+ vendors and 300+ different products. The information is continually refreshed with new performance evaluations and interviews daily. The KLAS database is dynamically and effectively used by:

  • Healthcare organizations to align expectations with a vendor's actual performance, to assist in strategic planning and to validate decision processes.
  • Vendors to monitor their performance in comparison with competitors.
  • Consultants for current performance information on a specific company or product.
  • Healthcare investment firms to evaluate publicly traded HIT company trends.

Contact KLAS at www.healthcomputing.com or 866-268-9438.


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