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Anne Lawrence's Favourite Websites

Anne Lawrence


Anne Lawrence is the National Health and Education Manager at Compaq Canada Corp. Anne focuses on business development and marketing for both these sectors across the country. With a husband involved in healthcare and raising five girls, Anne has a genuine interest in improving the delivery of healthcare in Canada. But it looks like she still has time for fun on the Web.
ParentsPlace.com is a community where parents connect, communicate and celebrate the adventures of parenting. Through message boards and chats you can make friends, share insights with other members or lend a supportive ear.

Delicious! Need I say more? The oldest, largest and one of the most popular independent wine-appreciation sites on the Web.

A great online drug information resource. Drugfacts.com is a comprehensive, interactive healthcare website.

A free virtual library and reference centre. Includes maps, quotations, encyclopedias, newspapers and dictionaries. A must for anyone using the Web for research.

WebRadio.com is a legitimate, "plug-in-free" video and audio Internet broadcasting site. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, WebRadio.com provides live and on-demand content including concerts, sports, events and music.

The art of having fun - from ages 1 to 101. Funology.com is the best place on the Web to find things to do by yourself or with friends, with parents or pets. With a million ways to make things, explore the world, and discover skills you never knew you had.

For those guitar players in your family, download lyrics and chords to all your favourite sing-along songs around the campfire. (and more!)

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Anne Lawrence is the National Health and Education Manager at Compaq Canada Corp.


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