ElectronicHealthcare 5(2) September 2006 : 88-96

Clinical Electronic Communications: A New Paradigm That is Here to Stay?

Corinne Eggert and Denis Protti


" There is a wide (and possibly widening) gap between the need for sharing information with patients and the relatively limited opportunities for face-to-face communication between patients and physicians" (Car and Sheikh 2004a).

Electronic communication is addressing the need for convenient and timely exchange of information in virtually all facets of society. This paper outlines the current status of clinical electronic communication, including e-mail and secure Web messaging, among physicians and between physicians and their patients. It is intended to provide a summary of what is known about clinical electronic communications in healthcare: what is working, what the challenges are and what is promising. In addition, published guidelines and studies offer direction for incorporating electronic communication into daily practice.



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