Law & Governance

Law & Governance 10(8) May 2006 : 32-40
Innovation in Leadership

Case Study: Reconciling the Quality and Safety Gap through Strategic Planning

Lianne Jeffs, Jane Merkley, Jana Jeffrey, Ella Ferris, Janice Dusek and Catherine Hunter


[This article was originally published in Nursing Leadership, Volume 19, Number 2.]

An essential outcome of professional practice environments is the provision of high-quality, safe nursing care. To mitigate the quality and safety chasm, nursing leadership at St. Michael's Hospital undertook a strategic plan to enhance the nursing professional practice environment. This case study outlines the development of the strategic planning process: the driving forces (platform); key stakeholders (process and players); vision, guiding principles, strategic directions, framework for action and accountability (plan); lessons learned (pearls); and next steps to moving forward the vision, strategic directions and accountability mechanisms (passion and perseverance).



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