Law & Governance

Law & Governance 11(1) July 2006 : 74-77

Sustaining a Wait Time Strategy: The Authors Respond

Joann Trypuc, Hugh MacLeod and Alan Hudson


Developing a culture to sustain Ontario's Wait Time Strategy is a complex process that can benefit from a thorough analysis of the Strategy's strengths and weaknesses. The commentaries have made a significant contribution to this endeavour, by directly reflecting on the Strategy as well as offering relevant experiences as food for thought. We thank the authors for reviewing the lead paper and for generously providing their thoughtful and useful commentaries. Without a doubt, Ontario's Strategy has benefited enormously from the experiences of individuals such as these, as well as other provinces and countries that have already launched access and wait time initiatives. As Collins-Nakai et al. note, "in a relatively short period of time, Ontario has moved from being a laggard to being a leader in the field of wait time management."



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