Law & Governance

Law & Governance 10(10) January 2008

Medicinal Products Liability of the Pharmacists: An Overview of Some Emerging Legal Issues in Nigeria

Henry Akpobor Okeri and Efe Okeri


[This article was originally published in World Health & Population, Volume 10, Number 1.]

There is no doubt that medicinal products are under strict control and regulation with the aim of protecting the consumers and hence promoting public health. However, there have been incidences in Nigeria where the use of some of these products have resulted to injury and even death. And in view of the alarming rate of adulteration of drugs and other related products and especially with the increase in the resort to numerous herbal products in Nigeria now, manufacturers, physicians, pharmacists as well as the consumers of medicinal products need to be abreast with their obligations, rights and remedies as the case may be. Also, the increased complexity and expanded role of the pharmacists in the drug-use process may bring about an increased exposure to liability as a result of injuries arising from their actions. This paper aims to highlight the potential liability of the pharmacist and educate the pharmacy community about product liability laws that have arisen from the expanded role of pharmacists in the healthcare delivery system.



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