Law & Governance

Law & Governance 4(5) August 2008 : 30-38
Discussion and Debate

The Helix in the Labyrinth: Do We Need Genetic Health Services and Policy Research?

Fiona Alice Miller, Brenda Wilson, Jeremy Grimshaw, Renaldo Battista, Ingeborg Blancquaert, June C. Carroll, Fran├žois Rousseau and Barbara Slater


[This article was originally published in Healthcare Policy, Volume 4, Number 1.]

In Canada and elsewhere, targeted health services and policy research (HSPR) has been suggested as a means to clarify the health system implications of developments in genetics and genomics. But is such research really needed? We argue that substantial investments in basic genetic and genomic research, coupled with persistent uncertainty about the health system implications of advances in these fields, justify the development of specialized HSPR in genetics and the sustained involvement of the wider HSPR community. Genetic health services and policy research will play a crucial role in informing decision-makers at all levels of the health system about whether and how to integrate developments in genetics, genomics and other complex new technologies.



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