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| Vol.1 No.11, December 4 2008 |

THE PULSE OF RENEWAL: A Focus on Nursing Human Resources ...

This journal is a report of work commissioned by Health Canada's Office of Nursing Policy and is focused on strategies for augmenting and enhancing nursing human resources. The research covers a diverse spectrum including: progress on implementing the 51 recommendations of the 2002 Canadian Nursing Advisory Committee; attrition from schools of nursing; the quality of nurses' work life; nursing utilization and human resource planning in hospitals; dissemination of best practice guidelines; and issues related to educational preparation, leadership and workforce objectives.

The six follow-up projects commissioned by the ONP had similar goals: to study one aspect of the nursing world, to effect change, to increase our knowledge about the healthcare system and, specifically, to show how nursing is positioned within the system. The work included the following studies:

  • Progress to Date
  • In the Beginning: Attrition from Schools of Nursing
  • Work Life: A Dimension of Quality and Accreditation Standards
  • Utilization: Implications for Nursing Human Resource Planning in Hospitals
  • Best Practice Guidelines: Dissemination and Uptake across Canada

See the entire issue here.


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Program Director, Critical Care & Medicine - Ross Memorial Hospital, Lindsay, ON
Senior Director, Surgery & Oncology Program & Nursing - Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON
CFO - Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB
COO, Corporate Services - Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB
COO, Health Strategies, Research & Design - Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, AB
Executive Director - Central West CCAC, Brampton, ON
Director, Quality, Health Planning and Research - The Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA)
Director of Financial Policy and Planning - The Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA)
Director of Nursing - Northern Health, BC
Home and Community Care Program Manager, Northern Health, Smithers, BC
Director of Business Intelligence - Cancer Care Ontario, Toronto, ON
Director, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing - Ryerson University, Toronto, ON
Physicians and Laboratory Managers - OAHPP, Toronto, ON
Director of Finance - Shared Support Services Southeastern Ontario (3SO)
Business Lead/Liaison, FSMS - OACCAC, Toronto, ON
Advanced Practice Nurse - Bridgepoint Health, Toronto, ON
Project Manager, Clinical Neurosciences, University Hospital, London Health Sciences, London, ON
Coordinator, Clinical Neurosciences, University Hospital, London Health Sciences, London, ON
Director, Research & Evaluation Unit - Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Winnipeg, MB
Nursing & Leadership Opportunities with the Provincial Health Services Authority of BC


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Health Human Resources Planning in an Interdisciplinary Care Environment: To Dream the Impossible Dream?
Cathy Fooks

There has been a lot of rhetoric in the past about the need for integrated planning. This rhetoric must now gradually give way to breathing life into the concept by reforming the ways in which governments interact with each other and with the providers of health and social services.

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TRANSITIONS | last two weeks

December 2, 2008
Bill Trafford to Senior Vice President and CIO, Alberta Health Services
Rob Martin to Lead, Security and Compliance, Alberta Health Services*
Bruce Lawson to Lead Managed Services, Alberta Health Services*
Harvey Plaine to Lead, Shared Clinical Systems, Alberta Health Services
Belinda Boleantu to Lead, Clinical Services, Alberta Health Services
Michael Long to Lead, Enterprise Systems, Alberta Health Services
Claire McCrank to Lead, Rural Services and Primary Care, Alberta Health Services*
Dan Reinboldt to Lead, Service Integration, Alberta Health Services*
Dr. Ausfordto Co-Chair, CIMIO/Clinical Informatics Committee, Alberta Health Services
Dr. Patullo to Co-Chair, CIMIO/Clinical Informatics Committee, Alberta Health Services
Lorelei Fiset-Cassidy to Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Alberta Health Services
Mark Kastner to Executive Director, Media Relations, Alberta Health Services
Sheri Wright to Executive Director, Internal Communications, Alberta Health Services
Wendy Beauchesne to Executive Director, Operational Communications, Alberta Health Services
Rob Armstrong to Vice President, Total Rewards and HR Analytics, Alberta Health Services
Susan McGillivray to Vice President, Employee and Labour Relations, Alberta Health Services
Angie Harwood to Vice President, Talent Management and Organizational Development, Alberta Health Services
Terry Cleveland to Lead Payroll and HRMS, Alberta Health Services*
Mary Ellen Hoogers to Lead, Human Resource Services, Alberta Health Services*
Leacy O'Callaghan-O'Brien to Director of Advocacy, Communications and Events at the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists

November 25, 2008
Jeff Lozon to President & CEO, Revera
Pat Campbellto inaugural President and CEO of ECHO, the province of Ontario’s new women’s health agency
Andreas Laupacis to Member of the Alberta Health Services Board. (For a complete list of the new board download PDF)
François Côté to President of TELUS Health Solutions
Tom Daschle to be Secretary of Health and Human Services Department, the US Government.
Emergis becomes TELUS Health Solutions in a corporate merge.

For a three-year searchable history of leadership transitions and appointments across the country, organized by date, click here. Or visit Longwoods Transitions in Healthcare Blog for recent healthcare transitions.

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