ElectronicHealthcare 1(1) May 2001 : 38-38

Bob Filler's Top Five Websites

Dr. Robert Filler of Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children has traded his chief surgeon's gowns for Telehealth tools and policies. He's also just started a two-year term as president of the Canadian Society of Telehealth. This new-found bias shows in his selection of five favourite web sites. Go figure:
  1. www.CST-SCT.org This is the web site for the Canadian Society of Telehealth for members and non-members. Its main purpose is to keep the Telehealth Community updated on all activities.
  2. www. hc-sc.gc.ca/ohih-bsi/menu_e.html This is Health Canada's Office of Health and the Information Highway web site. One can find out about government funding and grants as well as learn about telehealth policy issues in Canada. The site is a repository for Canadian projects in telehealth and telemedicine.
  3. tie.telemed.org This site of the Telemedicine Information Exchange is perhaps the most comprehensive telehealth site on the web. It gives the viewer specific information about telehealth publications, projects, program, and other relevant activities around the world. It is sponsored by the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland.
  4. www.atmeda.org This is the web site for the American telemedicine Association. It contains information of great interest to Americans but telemedicine issues in the United States often have relevance in Canada as well.
  5. www.Canarie.ca The site of Canarie Inc. is concerned with advanced internet development. This site provides information about other projects that have health-related implications. It should be looked at for additional funding opportunities.


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