ElectronicHealthcare 1(3) May 2009 : 28-28

Denis Caro's Favourite Websites

Denis Caro

is a Professor at the University of Ottawa where he specializes in the areas of management information systems, healthcare management and emergency management systems. His specific research interests include strategic information support in emergency management systems. All you surferholics will want to know that he is co-author of a text entitled "Strategic Management of Technostress in an Information Society." We'll leave it to you to search the web, search the web, search the web for it. If you do get frustrated try writing him at drcaro@uottawa.ca.



Physicians and health providers beware! This site empowers health consumers with health, disease and drug information which could make one cringe at the next patient encounter. It provides excellent information on diseases, conditions and medications. Would that there be a site with individual physician background information, as well as hospitals, so that they could make better physician selection and referral choices!


In the absence of an independent world government news network, this is probably the next best site, American biases recognized. It provides an update on ground-breaking news stories from around the world without the bias of so many national-based news networks. It allows a perspective on how the rest of the planet views Canada and Canadian news, something as noteworthy and relevant as news from Columbia, Cambodia or the Cameroons. For those of us, tired of the CBC biases and focus on Joe Clark's latest perspectives on everything and anything that moves, this site is refreshing. It's how the Martians would no doubt view our planetary news.


This is a goldmine of information on the corporate world in the entire world, important to anyone whose headspace is in management. For anyone whose head is on autopilot in the world of medicine and computers, this site opens a whole new vista of a completely different world. Yes, there is life after medical informatics!


Using another cultural prism, it is the editorials and comments to the editor that really make this journal noteworthy. Not only are the standards of written French of the highest order this side of the Atlantic, its perspectives of national (however they define it) and international news are actually refreshingly different and sometimes ingenuous. Really!


For anyone that despairs about the economic and social problems in Canada, this site provides information that not only are we in good company, but we are actually doing great! As part of an international community, this site has a wealth of information and reports on all facets of key sectors of our sister nations in the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. God Bless Canada!


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