Law & Governance

Law & Governance 13(9) March 2010

Creating Community Governance: A View from the Inside

Brian Hart, Glenna Raymond and Patricia Bradshaw

Given the current economic, environmental and social challenges facing the healthcare sector, the need for new ways of thinking about governance is evident. As Paul Light (2008) suggests, the risks of discourses about efficiency, metrics and economies of scale driving out discussions about civic engagement and democracy are increasing in the current climate. But at the same time, he sees opportunities to reinvent the sector through transformation if we can marshal a commitment to certain core elements, such as giving a voice to the less powerful, advocacy, collaboration and flexibility. Margaret Wheatley (2008) describes this as an era of "powerful possibilities," but these possibilities at the level of community require new mindsets, critical thinking, learning how to learn and breaking cycles of distrust. We suggest that only by sharing stories of how we are engaging with these challenges can we collectively learn and build the seeds for transformation.



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