Insights July 2010

Disruptive Innovation: Patient/Family-Focused Care

Ted Ball

Disruptive innovations cause fundamental paradigm shifts in the way we think and behave in
complex adaptive human systems. Instead of tinkering on the edges with simple structural reforms
as we have been doing in Ontario, redesigning our core healthcare delivery system processes at the
service delivery level—with a strategic focus on patient/family care—will create the fundamental shifts
that will be required for us to save Medicare, if we embrace it fully within the next two to five years.
Are we capable of such change? Do we have the political will to make it happen? Do we have the tools
to build such a system? Will the government actually fund such a strategy? Are our governance Boards,
CEOs and LHINs ready to become catalysts for the patient/family-focused care revolution that
taxpayers and voters want?



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About the Author(s)

Ted Ball is a Second Curve transformation strategy coach and learning facilitator for healthcare orgranizations that have decided to develop their internal capacity to transform themselves. He is available for conferences and retreats. Contact:


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