As a publisher -- never clear on what KT is -- I find it easier to fall back on "teaching" and "learning". In this context I understand our role is to provide resources that are relevant, current, availalbe, easy to find, and affordable. At Longwoods we are also well aware of the context we find ourselves in: "For the first time in human history, communications tools are good and cheap enough to support complex group conversation and group action without the need for complex hierarchical organisation. Gathering a group of people and getting them to act used to require significant resources, giving the world's institutions a kind of monopoly on the group effort. Now, the tools for sharing and co-operating - even on a global scale - have been placed in the hands of the individual. New business and community uses emerge at a blistering pace. You can now benefit from these tools, you just need the right tools and techniques to make it happen.... (from