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Insights (Essays) October 2012

The Path to Prosperity and Patient Centred Care

“Regardless of your position on what they’re recommending, it’s a good thing when opposition parties actually put forward something constructive, rather than cheap, gimmicky stuff… (Ontario’s PCs) are looking like a more serious opposition party, and that should concern the Liberals.”- Steve Paikin, The Agenda. Find the PC policy here:

The Ontario PC Caucus is focused on action to create jobs and grow the economy, but Ontario also needs to make difficult, fundamental reforms to improve the performance of our public sector. Nowhere is that more apparent than in health care, where we are still failing to meet patients’ needs despite a substantial increase in spending that has gone on for almost a decade. A better system that puts patients, not bureaucrats, at the centre of decision-making is part of our plan for a more prosperous Ontario.

Eliminate two layers of middle management – the 14 LHINs and the 14 CCACs – and use this money for home care and frontline patient care instead.

Build off of the existing high performing health infrastructure in 30 to 40 Ontario hospitals to create health hubs. Hubs will organize, plan and commission services for the patients in their respective regions.

Require the health hubs to integrate into a seamless partnership, acute care with primary care, home and community care and long-term care.

Require each hub to establish a permanent, physician-led Primary Care Committee to integrate primary care physicians into local health care planning and to scrutinize their ongoing performance.

Investigate options of coordinating municipally-run public health units and emergency medical services with the hubs.

Accelerate the implementation of patient-centred funding at Ontario’s hospitals and hubs.

Reduce the size of the Ministry of Health. Make it responsible for provincial health system planning, funding and quality control. Eliminate its role as micromanager of the system. Make the Minister ultimately accountable for Ministry performance. Source.

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