At the Saint Elizabeth Research Centre, the Ghost of Healthcare Hope has been guiding us toward healthcare transformation. We have been exploring and championing a Person-Centred Care Perspective since 2010 and we are thrilled to see it at the top of every healthcare leader’s agenda today. We examined person-centred care, which includes the perspective of the individual receiving care as well as their families and caregivers, within the home and community care context. We identified evidence-informed models of person-centred care and implementation strategies. In addition, we identified barriers and facilitators to implementing and sustaining a person-centred approach. Based on this review, we developed person-centred care workshops for organizational leaders as well as direct-care providers in home care and long-term care settings which we have been piloting across Saint Elizabeth and long-term care sites nationwide.

We are empowering our leaders and providers to build relationships with and to listen to their staff, colleagues, clients, and families. Participants at all levels of the healthcare system are being given a voice in how care is provided and they are working collaboratively toward collective goals.

To the Ghost of Healthcare Despair: We have shown how we have acted on collective wisdom about person-centred care and are bringing it to life. We are building capacity and empowering our leaders to shift the culture.

We invite you to follow along on our journey. Check out our website for information about Saint Elizabeth’s Person Centred Care Initiative and stay tuned for our plans to spread our person-centred care approach.

Shilpi Majumder, PhD
Lead, Systems Knowledge Translation
Saint Elizabeth Research Centre