Insights (Essays)

Insights (Essays) August 2015

Godin interpreted

Anton Hart

Submitting unsolicited papers, essays or letters? Keep this in mind:

Good management matters

  1. Anticipated, personal, and leading practices are appreciated and valued.
  2. Conversations happen. Good editorial adds value and encourages the right conversations.
  3. Remarkable ideas (and) solutions inspire conversations‎.
  4. Effective management reflects the little things as much as the big ideas.
  5. People don't necessarily do what they need to do. They do what they want to do.
  6. Good ideas attract money. This is investing.
  7. Trying to convince anyone? Tell a story.
  8. Ideas to please everyone rarely serve anyone well.
  9. ‎Leading practices inevitably have measurable results.
  10. One idea that fails can be worth‎ ten that succeed.

You will recognize (but not find) this list in Seth Godin's books‎. Recommended and available in any book store. 

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