World Health & Population

World Health & Population 16(1) September 2015 : 24-35.doi:10.12927/whp.2015.24313
Research Paper

Global Health Service Partnership: First Year Findings

Vanessa Kerry, Libby Cunningham, Pat Daoust and Sadath Sayeed


The Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) is a public-private-partnership between Seed Global Health, a US non-profit; Peace Corps, a US Government agency; and host country health education systems. The program attempts to address the global shortage of skilled health professionals by sending US doctors and nurses as medical and nursing educators to training institutions in Uganda, Malawi and Tanzania. The program has sent 73 volunteers of myriad specialties over two years to 13 institutions. Through volunteer self-reporting and stakeholder interviews, the program was evaluated for early quantitative outputs and qualitative impact. Volunteers improved clinical and classroom teaching, new teaching methods, reduced local faculty workloads and modelled professionalism. Challenges cited included difficulty adapting to the setting and existing practice. GHSP is a new program whose full impact will be better understood over time. The first year revealed numerous opportunities for pedagogical innovation, professional modelling and infrastructure investment.  



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