World Health & Population

World Health & Population 16(3) March 2016 : 31-38.doi:10.12927/whp.2016.24518
Research Paper

Persistent Transmission of Schistosomiasis in Southwest Nigeria: Contexts of Culture and Contact with Infected River Water

Adetayo Olorunlana, Ayodele Samuel Jegede, Olajumoke Morenikeji, Adesola A. Hassan, Roseangela I. Nwuba, Chiaka I. Anumudu, Oyetunde T. Salawu and Alexander B. Odaibo


Transmission of schistosomiasis is aided by human behaviour. Globally, about 800 million people are at risk of schistosomiasis infection. Data exist on biomedical understanding of the disease transmission; there is a dearth of information from the social science perspective. Hence, this study explored the social and cultural context of schistosomiasis transmission among Yewa People in Nigeria. Qualitative methods were employed with purposive sampling, using the key informant interviews and focus group discussions, among 57 participants aged 17 to 54 years. The data were content-analyzed. River water was the most reported source of water supply among others. Participants drew from the cultural milieu the use of river water for "drinking" and "swimming" as part of the continual transmission of schistosomiasis. Transmission of schistosomiasis may not be abated without behavioural change.



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