ElectronicHealthcare December 2017
Digital Technologies in Healthcare

A Model for Developing Clinical Analytics Capacity: Closing the Loops on Outcomes to Optimize Quality

Corinne Eggert, Kenneth Moselle, Denis Protti and Dale Sanders


[This article was originally published in Healthcare Quarterly, 20(3)]

Closed Loop Analytics© is receiving growing interest in healthcare as a term referring to information technology, local data and clinical analytics working together to generate evidence for improvement. The Closed Loop Analytics model consists of three loops corresponding to the decision-making levels of an organization and the associated data within each loop – Patients, Protocols, and Populations. The authors propose that each of these levels should utilize the same ecosystem of electronic health record (EHR) and enterprise data warehouse (EDW) enabled data, in a closed-loop fashion, with that data being repackaged and delivered to suit the analytic and decision support needs of each level, in support of better outcomes.



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