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Healthcare Policy 14(4) May 2019 : 10-20.10.12927/hcpol.2019.25860
Discussion and Debate

Achieving the Goals of Dementia Plans: A Review of Evidence-Informed Implementation Strategies

Matthew Hacker Teper, Claire Godard-Sebillotte and Isabelle Vedel


A 2019 report by the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences identified the importance of evidence-informed implementation strategies in reforming dementia care. Such implementation strategies may be relevant to changing clinical practice in the wake of Canada's impending federal dementia plan (initiated by Bill C-233). As this federal dementia plan is elaborated, there may be value in looking ahead to some of the implementation challenges likely to be faced "on the ground" in healthcare settings. We thus conducted a rapid review of provincial and national dementia plans from high-income countries and reviewed studies on implementation strategies to dementia care. We advance seven key implementation strategies that may be useful for future dementia care reform.



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