Insights April 2020

An Open Letter to Nursing Executives and Managers

Kim McMillan

In the months to come you will begin your annual hiring of new graduate nurses. The difference this year is that it will be amidst a pandemic. These new graduates are entering the profession at an unimaginable time, a time many of us never thought we would see in our careers. They will need support, they will need mentorship, and they will need a lot of it. With fears of additional resource depletion, they may not ask for such supports, so I ask on their behalf. In times of crisis management, investing in the future can seem unfathomable. However, these new graduates are a worthwhile investment, I promise. New graduates will be an invaluable resource at a time when the present nursing workforce in Canada will be exhausted, some inevitably falling ill with COVID-19. Please remember this is uncharted territory for us all, including our new graduates, who will eagerly hit the ground running – but this is a marathon, not a sprint. Please do not let them burn out. These first months and years of practice shape their passion, or disdain for nursing. These early career experiences shape their desire to stay, or leave our profession.  

Their professors have spent the last four years watching them grow and spread their wings, so as they fly from our nest to yours, please take good care of them.


Prof Kim

Kim McMillan, RN, PhD, CHPCN (C)
Professor, Nursing Studies
Algonquin College 
1385 Woodroffe Avenue, Room B211 
Ottawa, Ontario 
K2G 1V8
Phone: 613-727-4273 x5779


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