Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy 18(4) May 2023 : 120-133.doi:10.12927/hcpol.2023.27089
Research Paper

A North Star Vision: Results from a Deliberative Dialogue to Identify Policy Strategies to Improve Value in Healthcare

Amity E. Quinn, Rachelle Drummond, Fiona Clement, Melanie Columbus, Stephana J. Moss, Emily FitzGerald, Rukhsaar Daya, Karla Krewulak, Liza Mastikhina, Jeanna Parsons Leigh and Henry T. Stelfox


We hosted a deliberative dialogue with citizens (n = 3), policy researchers (n = 3), government decision makers (n = 3) and health system leaders (n = 3) to identify evidence-informed policy options to improve the value of Canadian healthcare. The analysis resulted in three themes: (1) the need for a vision to guide reforms, (2) community-based care and (3) community-engaged care. Results suggest the need for a new paradigm: community-focused health systems. Such a paradigm could serve as a North Star guiding healthcare transformation, improving value by aligning citizen and healthcare system goals, prioritizing spending on services that address the social determinants of health and improving quality and equity.



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