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Publisher’s notes of a recent speech delivered to a business audience by former Premier David Peterson providing highlights of Saad Rafi’s report card for having managed the 2015 PanAm Games held recently in Toronto.

Mr. Peterson presented these in the context of benefits provided by the PanAm games‎ with a clear reference and show of appreciation for Mr. Rafi’s leadership.

  • New infrastructures‎ across the GTA and Ontario
  • Motivated kids
  • Motivated athletes
  • Great and safe experiences
  • Character building for everyone
  • Elevation of the human soul
  • New friends and networks
  • Branding Toronto’s soul and inclusiveness
  • Adding to Canada’s brand and reputation
  • No debt
  • No overruns
  • No traffic gridlock
  • Infrastructure for a lifetime: 31 venues to Olympic standards
  • 2.5 million attendees
  • Showcasing our best Canadian artists
  • Security of all events (except for one reported small hole in the fencing — and even that was hard to find‎)
  • The cooperation of all levels of government

“It’s a lot easier to do nothing” and we/he did everything with no critics while planning, building and executing great Canadian assets.”

(. . . more if I could have punched in the comments on my cell phone faster)

Saad Rafi’s report card (excerpts) taken from a speech delivered by David Peterson‎. With apologies for anything I missed.

Mr. Peterson added that this event advanced the city’s infrastructure and it’s human / social objectives and more — all in the context of:

  • A BIG vision
  • Lots of rough spots
  • Lots of critics
  • Affordability skeptics
  • Going beyond a narrow vision – just the games . . .

To embracing broad vision — recognizing all the social benefits, with costs and benefits spread out over multiple years.

Reported by …

Anton Hart. Publisher

Longwoods Publishing Corporation


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