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First Mover: Organization that first introduces a product or service; can be an advantage in some instances; some organizations specialize successfully in being second movers.


Healthcare Innovation: An Authenticity Lesson from Barbie dolls by Neil Seeman

Off the Cuff

  1. Saskatchewan premier calls for clinical trials of MS treatment
  2. BC cuts to the cost of generic prescription drugs from 65 per cent of the cost of brand names, to 35 per cent over three years.   [News release]
  3. Healthy workplaces for health workers in Canada: Knowledge transfer and uptake in policy and practice
  4. Wawa’s Lady Dunn Health Centre receives accreditation. Small town healthcare is alive and well. Physician Recruitment – Lady Dunn Health Centre – Wawa ON …
  5. Obama explains new Healthcare.gov. The US President’s blog.
  6. The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has unveiled a new policy document aimed at driving change in Canada’s health care system to better meet the needs of patients now and in the future. It also aims at framing future discussions between the Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments in preparation for the renewal of the Health Accord in 2014. Print copies of key documents are available at: http://www.cma.ca/advocacy/cma-media-centre

How can you . . .

It is estimated that cancer outcomes could be improved by 30% with optimum application of what is currently known. How do you close the “know-do” gap? Do you know the three ways in which knowledge can be used? Can you improve the healthcare system and health of patients by using research?  Can you avoid the problems with premature adoption? Find out here.

Best Read from Last Week

  1. Designing Effective Governance for Quality and Safety in Canadian Healthcare
  2. Getting What We Pay For? The Value-for-Money Challenge
  3. Deliveries Among Adolescent Mothers in Rural Bangladesh: Who Provides Assistance?
  4. Five Years of Learning from Analysis of Clinical Occurrences in Pediatric Care Using the London Protocol
  5. Research: Evidence-based Nursing Practice: How to Get There from Here
  6. New Brunswick’s E-health Strategy and the Evolution of Regionalization
  7. Nursing Leaders’ Accountability to Narrow the Safety Chasm: Insights and Implications from the Collective Evidence Base on Healthcare Safety
  8. What’s the Plan? The Unique Challenges Facing the Home and Community Care Sector in Preparing for a Pandemic
  9. Transformational Leadership to Promote Cross-Generational Retention
  10. Ten Key Principles for Successful Health Systems Integration

The Ted Freedman Award for Innovation in Education is given annually to individuals and organizations that inspire, advocate and enable education in health, health services and healthcare management.

Submission Deadline: Friday, August 27, 2010

CHSRF is funding a team to conduct research on ways to support citizens who play a governance role in the healthcare system, with a specific focus on quality and patient safety. Applications due Friday, September 10, 2010. Click here.

Open Reading

From HP Canada

The Business Case for Patient Safety


Our Editors Recommend

Healthcare Quarterly

Many Canadians Feel Healthcare Needs Are Not Being Met

Lyn M. Sibley and Richard H. Glazier


Internationally Educated Healthcare Workers: Focus on Physicians in Ontario

Jill Hefley, Jack Mandel and Rocco Gerace

Nursing Leadership

The Nursing Human Resource Planning Best Practice Toolkit: Creating a Best Practice Resource for Nursing Managers

Leslie Vincent and Mary Agnes Beduz

Healthcare Policy

Clinical Practice Settings Associated with GPs Who Take on Patients with Mental Disorders

Marie-Josée Fleury, Jean-Marie Bamvita, Denise Aubé and Jacques Tremblay

Electronic Healthcare

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt an Electronic Medical Record? Part 2 of 2: Financial Implications of Socio-technical Factors on Physician Office Productivity

Dave Ludwick

World Health and Population

Adults with Chronic Cough in Urban Bangladesh: Healthcare Utilization and Management of Cases by Private Practitioners

S. Hossain, C. P. Larson, M. A. Quaiyum, A. I. Khan, K. Zaman, V. Begum and N. C. Saha

Breakfast with the Chiefs

Plans are underway for the 2010/2011 season starting in September 2010. Watch this space for announcements of upcoming sessions.

Already signed up to divert you: Dr. Barry McLellan, Dr. Robert Howard, Dr. Stephen Duckett, Camille Orridge, Dr. Davy Cheng (Longwoods Scholar 2009-2010) Dr. Jack Kitts, Janet Davidson, Kevin Smith, Rob Devitt, Michael Decter, Mary Jo Haddad, Richard Alvarez, Steven Lewis, Dr. Michael Rachlis, David Levine, Dr. Danielle Martin, and Dr. Josh Tepper. How can we accommodate what is already a long, yet partial, list? Watch, live and learn.

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Conferences and Events

September 8-10, 2010: Shanghai, China. EHEALTH Forum –  Clinical Environment Integration Application. What will Expo 2010 Shanghai China deliver to the world? Better City, Better Life! Health has been the fundamental for a better life

September 13, 2010: Greensboro, NC. NCHICA’s 16th Annual Conference and Exhibition

September 12-14, 2010: Toronto, ON. Health Care Financial Management featuring Peter Wallace, Deputy Minister and Secretary of Treasury Board, Ministry of Finance and Jim McCarter, Auditor General of Ontario.

September 20-21, 2010: Ottawa, ON. Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and Statistics Canada for the Data Users Conference 2010: Understanding Health Outcomes

September 23-24, 2010: Toronto, ON. Health Outcomes for Better Information and Care. A Foundation for Evidence Based Practice and Quality Care

September 27-28, 2010: Toronto, ON. Lean In Healthcare, From Concept to Reality – Putting Lean into Practice

September 27, 2010: Toronto, ON. Interprofessional Care: “How to” and “So What”. Maintaining interprofessional collaboration and relationships can result in clinically important differences in patient care.

September 28, 2010: Toronto, ON. Maternal and Newborn Care: Meeting Community Needs and Integrating Midwives.  Collaborative maternity care helps make services more accessible and closer to home for communities and helps provide continuity of care for women.  This conference is focused on collaboration as a prerequisite for high quality maternity care in hospitals.

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Ontario Hospital Association conferences.

Events in Global Health at the University of North Carolina


Graham W. S. Scott to Chair of Canada Health Infoway’s Board of Directors

Frank Markel, Retiring President and CEO, The Gift of Life Network

Camille Orridge to Chief Executive Officer, the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network.

Tony Dagnone to member the Medbuy Board of Directors

Caroline Brereton, Chief Executive Officer, Mississauga Halton CCAC

Greg Shaw to Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, Humber River, Regional Hospital (Toronto)

Dr. Kenneth Polonsky to Chief Executive Officer, University of Chicago Medical Center.
Sue Denomy, President and CEO of Bluewater Health, elected to a two-year term as Chair of Medbuy’s Board of Directors

Susanne Bjerno to member the Medbuy Board of Directors

Tony DiEmanuele to member the Medbuy Board of Directors

Daniel Germain to member the Medbuy Board of Directors

Elizabeth (Betty) Newson to Chair, Canadian Cancer Society

The Council of the Corporation of the Township of Centre Wellington has appointed the following to the Board of Directors, of the 60-bed Groves Memorial Community Hospital, Ontario: Ian Hornsby, Anthony Caldwell, Howard Dobson, Lara Johnston, Gord Feniak, John Podmore, Paul Smith, Jamie Shepherd, Christopher White, Janet Harrop, Richard Wright, Robert Foster on behalf of the Township, Joanne Ross-Zuj on behalf of the Township, Walt Visser on behalf of the Township, One Member of Wellington County Council, President of the Volunteer Association of the Hospital, Chief of Staff, President of the Medical Staff.


Today’s Leadership Careers

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Longwoods has a of more than 50 participating healthcare recruitment centres. Send your career opportunities to Susan Hale at *Definitions refer in part to terminology from the The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge: a desk reference for the curious mind – Glossary of Business Terms modified to reflect healthcare administration and practices.

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