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Consumer/patient: in some cases when people talk of consumers/patients they are talking about person as consumer, an aggregated commodity item with little individuality other than that expressed as (for example) in-patient/out-patient. However there is a trend to individualize the concept. Instead of generating broad demographic profiles and psycho-graphic profiles of market segments, healthcare policy makers and providers have started to engage in personalization and mass customization often driven by electronic media.


Perhaps I Am One of the Lucky Ones. Michael Heenan asks “Why is it that the sector continues to say that physician engagement is a challenge for hospital administration when my experience suggests otherwise?”
Will you be a great grandparent? How would you change your behavior if, at age 30, you knew you would live to age 105? Neil Seeman discusses longevity in his essay “The Great Grandparenthood Boom, Predictive Irrationality and the Future of Caregiving”

Off the Cuff

Paul Castonguay is raising money for Parkinson’s. He is a one-man band motivated by extreme enthusiasm who mobilized some of his fine friends for a good cause. Now that he’s been covered in The Globe and Mail his peloton is getting lots of visibility — more than a dozen other publications picked up the story by syndication. Lesson? Media matters.

Since the CBC covered it I thought we should: Large, hairy perennial turns skin a blistering red. See it here.

OK you’re on vacation and promised yourself to get caught up with the presentations by Dr. Bob Bell, Adalstein Brown, Ross Baker, Mary Jo Haddad, Deb Matthews, and so many others. Here they are – and more.

Implementing Interprofessional Care in OntarioJust launched by HealthForceOntario.

Vendor Engagement (opportunity) for Drug Information System and ePrescribing in Ontario

Here are last week’s best read papers/articles:

It’s Summer But they’re Still Recruiting:

The Global Accelerator Award™ has been awarded to SAMSHA, in collaboration with the Ad Council. Details are here

Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) wins the 3M Health Information Management (HIM) Team Quality Award presented by the Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA)

Open Reading

From Pharmacy.ca
Inappropriate Prescribing Practices: The Challenge and Opportunity for Patient Safety
Laurel K. Taylor, Yuko Kawasumi, Gillian Bartlett and Robyn Tamblyn


Our Editors Recommend

Healthcare Quarterly
Andrew Szende and the Development of the electronic Child Health Network (eCHN)

Morgan Holmes

The Health System and International Recruitment

Sandra MacDonald-Rencz and Janet Davies

Nursing Leadership
Development and Evaluation of an RN/RPN Utilization Toolkit

Margaret Blastorah, Kim Alvarado, Lenora Duhn, Frances Flint, Petrina McGrath and Susan VanDeVelde-Coke

Healthcare Policy
Equitable Access to Healthcare Services and Income Replacement for Cancer: Is Critical Illness Insurance a Help or a Hindrance?

Christopher J. Longo

Electronic Healthcare
New Brunswick’s E-health Strategy and the Evolution of Regionalization

Patrick Powers

World Health and Population
Adults with Chronic Cough in Urban Bangladesh: Healthcare Utilization and Management of Cases by Private Practitioners
S. Hossain, C. P. Larson, M. A. Quaiyum, A. I. Khan, K. Zaman, V. Begum and N. C. Saha

Breakfast with the Chiefs

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George Fieber has been appointed President, CNO Council
Kris Voycey
has been appointed Vice-President, CNO Council
Monica Seawright
has been appointed Vice-President, CNO Council
Susan McIsaac
to President, United Way Toronto
Randall Sach
to Director, international programs, Habitat for Humanity Canada
Greg Coutts
to the TELUS Team, leading sales in Western Canada for the Health Solutions group


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*Definitions refer in part to terminology from the The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge: a desk reference for the curious mind – Glossary of Business Terms modified to reflect healthcare administration and practices.

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