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“Canada does not have integrated healthcare. Canada has a series of disconnected parts, a hodge-podge patchwork, healthcare industry comprising hospitals, doctors’ offices, group practices, community agencies, private sector organizations, public health departments and so on.” Peggy Leatt, George Pink & Michael Guerriere (with Stephen Shortell)


We Are All Healthcare Consumers Now Neil Seeman
Categorical Nonsense, p < .05 Steven Lewis and Denise Kouri

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A best read paper currently served by Longwoods is Effectiveness of an Adapted SBAR, published three years ago.

Indicators Justify What We Do. Readers show us that Longwoods resources are in continued demand.

Here’s and update. Our website “crash ‘n burn” happened on October 29, 2011 and was fully recovered on November 10, 2011. Here’s what happened. Almost spontaneously our readers came back. All of them. And since we reported our web rankings using indicators we count on (Google Analytics and Alexa) we can benchmark the recovery. Before the “fall” we ranked first out of ten comparable Canadian websites. Click here if you missed it. Ten days after the recovery we are now ranked third in Canadian usage of Canadian health information behind CIHI.CA and CMAJ.CA.  Globally we slipped to second place behind CMAJ.CA. And in case you wondered: 47% of our traffic goes global. We are happy with that and will continue to provide ideas, practices and policies to help you deliver better healthcare.  Expect a full report in the new year. In the meantime: Thank you.

IHO: Is this the “Better Idea” on everyone’s mind?

Are Integrated Healthcare Organizations Right For Ontario …Additional functions could be added over time as the IHO matures. . .

Will Falk Comments on John Ronson’s essay “LHINs at Five years … Each IHO would have full responsibility and accountability for primary care, acute care and homecare for their population. Primary care

Longwoods eLetter June 14, 2011 Primary care physicians affiliate with the IHO for their region . . . held accountable for health outcomes …

LHINs at Five years – What Now? Homecare is provided by the IHO, using either employees or contracted services, whatever is most efficient and appropriate. To be clear,  . . .

LHINS at 5 Years – Further Thoughts Asked to provide an example of an organization that could evolve easily into an IHO, I have been using Quinte Health Care Corporation …

LHINS at 5 years: responding to John Ronson. Nan Brook

Why have select integrated health systems outpaced their peers across nearly all quality and cost measures? Jason Hwang, M.D.

Indicators in Healthcare

You are invited to join us for Breakfast and hear Dr. Jack Kitts talk about quality.

Do we know how well you are doing? You could be. Dr. Kitts will share his score board at The Ottawa Hospital and set out the challenges faced by all hospitals. Find out what he means and how he intends to make TOH the number one healthcare organization in Canada. Registration details.

Call for Nominations: CHSRF’s 2012 Excellence through Evidence award

relay health

Recommended Reading

Healthcare Quarterly
Priority Setting in Ontario’s LHINs: Ethics and Economics in Action
Jennifer Gibson, Craig Mitton and Gwen DuBois-Wing

What’s on the Quality Agenda? Acknowledging Progress, Respecting the Challenges
Wendy Nicklin and Gail Williams

Nursing Leadership
Is There a Glass Escalator for Male Nurses in Canada?
Karen J. Buhr

Healthcare Policy
Hancocked: Manulife and the Limits of Private Health Insurance
Robert G. Evans

Electronic Healthcare
A Review of General Practice System Certification Programs in Seven Countries and Five Canadian Provinces
Dave A. Ludwick and John Doucette

World Health & Population
Making Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunity a Reality in Kenya’s Health Provider Education System: Results of a Gender Analysis
Constance Newman, Anastasiah Kimeu, Leigh Shamblin, topher Penders, Pamela A. McQuide and Judith Bwonya


Breakfast with the Chiefs

Register NOW!
Dr. Jack Kitts, President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital and Chair of the Health Council of Canada
Thursday, December 1, 2011
8:00 am – 9:00 am (join us at 7:15 am for breakfast)
Topic:        Quality at the Bedside, Quality Across the Country — comparing ourselves to global peer organizations.
Location:  University of Toronto, Health Sciences Building, 6th Floor Room 610, 155 College Street, Toronto, ON

Watch this space – registration Now Open!

Tom Closson’s “In conclusion . . .”
January 11, 2012, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto


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Dr. Paula James Kingston ON, named Researchers of the Year, National Hemophilia Foundation in Chicago IL
Dr. David Lillicrap Kingston ON, named Researchers of the Year, National Hemophilia Foundation in Chicago IL
Lynne McVey to Executive Director, Douglas Mental Health University Institute, Montreal, QC
Michael Burns to Chair, Board of Directors and Capital Campaign, Toronto East General Hospital, Toronto, ON
Ron Martindale Jr. to Chair, Board of Directors, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, Hamilton, ON
Dr. Denis Roy, to Executive Director, Montreal Heart Institute, Montreal QC
Paul Davies President and CEO, to step down from The South Bruce Grey Health Centre at the end of March
Richard Jones, Medbuy’s Vice President, Clinical Services, Patient Safety & Business Development, to the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA)
Maria David-Evans, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations for the Province of Alberta, to 2011-2012 President, IPAC
Brian Jahns to Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Oncology at Hoffmann-LaRoche Limited (Roche Canada)
David Thornley to Executive Director, Guelph Community Health Centre
David Jaffray to  Director, the new Techna Institute
Dr. Geoff Fernie to Director, the new iDapt Institute
Dr. Glenn Crater to Country Medical Director, GlaxoSmithKline Inc.
Mark Rizzo to Chair, Hamilton Health Sciences’ Board of Directors
Giles Meikle to the Board, the Ontario Hospital Association
Drupati Maharaj to the Board, the Ontario Hospital Association
Maureen Solecki to the Board, the Ontario Hospital Association
James G. McCracken to the Board, the Ontario Hospital Association
Janet M. Davidson to Chair, the Board, the Ontario Hospital Association

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