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“We Change or We Die”
About seven months after I was elected chairman, I stood up at a professional staff meeting and said, “We change or we die.” I had been in leadership for quite a while and knew that we had a thin balance sheet, that we did not have a billion-dollar endowment and that the future was not particularly bright for this storied, very prestigious healthcare system. My statement got the attention of the physicians in attendance. Some reacted with, “Oh my God, what’s happening?” A few said, “Finally, somebody who’s willing to tell us the truth.” Gary S. Kaplan, MD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Mason Health System. More here.


LHINS at Five years – What Now? By Jon Ronson

  • Integrated Healthcare Organizations (IHOs) of manageable size
  • traditional patient referral patterns
  • built around existing healthcare or hospital organization in the area
  • 30-40 across the Province
  • Primary care physicians affiliate with the IHO for their region
  • Primary care physicians held accountability for health outcomes
  • CCAC role devolves to the IHOs
  • The Ministry is downsized by at least 50% over the course of 2012
  • Several “super regions” (think all of Eastern Ontario, for example)
  • . . . and finally: “Move Quickly.” Read the whole essay here.

Off the Cuff

Ten special issues of the journal Healthcare Quarterly. Brought to you at no cost courtesy of our sponsoring partner organizations.

  1. Child Health in Canada | 2 Mary Jo Haddad, editor in chief
  2. Child Health in Canada |1 Mary Jo Haddad, editor in chief
  3. Patient Safety Papers | 5 Ross Baker, Editor in Chief
  4. Patient Safety Papers | 4 Ross Baker, Editor in Chief
  5. Patient Safety Papers | 3 Ross Baker, Editor in Chief
  6. Patient Safety Papers | 2 Ross Baker, Editor in Chief
  7. Patient Safety Papers | 1 Ross Baker, Editor in Chief
  8. Change: The Challenge of CPOE at UHN | Brian Golden, Editor in Chief
  9. Ontario’s Wait Time Information System | Tom Closson, Editor in Chief
  10. Integrated Care in Alberta | Dennis Kodner, Editor in Chief

The Clinical Frontier
The Virtues of Virtual Colonoscopy (not what I thought they were.)
Virtual colonoscopy uses computed tomography (CT) to construct three-dimensional images of the colon and rectum. The test is noninvasive, as the images are taken from outside, not inside, the body. Virtual colonoscopy is performed in the radiology department of a hospital or medical center. As you lie on your back, a thin tube is inserted into your rectum. Air is pumped through the tube to inflate the colon. More… [send your entries for “the Clinical Frontier” to The Publisher]

If you could invite one speaker to present at Breakfast with the Chiefs who would it be? Let the publisher know svp.

Ontario Health Quality Council 2011 Report

Is there a lesson in this?
“A study of all 170 emergency departments in the province (of British Columbia) found that, on average, there were 136 fewer patients per hour seeking medical attention during airing of the do-or-die matchup at the Vancouver Games” From the Hamilton Spectator

. . . the number of adolescents with undiagnosed mental health disorders committed to the juvenile justice system has exploded with estimates that between 50% and 75% of the youth who are committed to juvenile justice have diagnosable mental health problems.” See: Youth Justice and Mental Health in Perspective Alan W. Leschied

And for the slackers among us: Seven ways to have a good relationship with your boss

Call for nominations: The Margret Comack Award of Excellence in Nursing Leadership acknowledges outstanding leadership of an nurse employed in a member organization of OHA. The nomination deadline is July 29, 2011. Click here for more information.

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  • Myka Osinchuk to Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Cancer Foundation
  • George Mohacsi to Chairman of the Board of Directors, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc.:
  • Nancie Lataille to Senior Client Partner, Korn/Ferry International
  • Geneviève Laverty to Director, Legal, Scientific Affairs and Business Development, Medtronic of Canada Ltd.:
  • Jon Olsen to Senior Director, Cardiac and Vascular Group, Medtronic of Canada Ltd
  • Terry Finley to Senior Director, Head, Neck & Spine, Medtronic of Canada Ltd

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