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Once the body gets used to a diet it adjusts and weight loss stops, leading to frustration on the part of the dieter. Inevitably most people will go back to their old eating habits, but with the body’s metabolism slowed down, they gain even more weight than before. And that’s your yoyo effect,” Dr. Arya Sharma. More here.


The World’s First Virtual Cello Lesson – Perhaps with a Few Lessons for Healthcare by Will Falk

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The most read commentary currently favoured by our readers: The Future of Healthcare in Canada. Roy Romanow spoke with Editor-in-Chief Peggy Leatt’s to explore the four main commission themes and his sense of the enormity of this task.

Remember when André Picard lost his way in a hospital because the floor map vanished at a cross roads? Well Neil Seeman has the solution . . . Geocaching around Hospitals

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    Lessons Learned in changing healthcare… and how we learned them. Introduction: Moving Forward Together through Reflection and Sharing. Paul Batalden ..
  2. Effective Teamwork in Healthcare: Research and Reality
    Issues affecting health workplaces range from serious concerns that could affect the immediate physical safety of workers to those that would …
  3. Research: Evidence-based Nursing Practice: How to Get There from …
    And while it is heartening to know that new evidence is constantly emerging to inform our nursing practice it is disheartening to learn that many nurses continue …
  4. Effectiveness of an Adapted SBAR Communication Tool for a …
    Healthcare Quarterly, 11(Sp) 2008: 72-79. Teamwork and Communication. Effectiveness of an Adapted SBAR Communication Tool for a Rehabilitation Setting …
  5. Healthcare Quarterly :: Child Health in Canada
    Vol. 14 Special Issue 1 | Child Health in Canada. The Editor’s Letter. Mary Jo Haddad. Theories And Consequences. Why Social Determinants? Neal Halfon …

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The Polls:
The latest Harris Decima poll shows little appetite for a merger of the NDP and Liberal Party. The views of supporters of these two parties with respect to a full merger of the two parties shows 24% in favour of a merger.
A new poll by Harris/Decima suggests that the Ontario Liberal Leader is headed for a third straight term on Oct. 6, with an 11-point lead over Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak.

IBM is partnering with WellPoint, a large health insurance plan provider with around 34 million subscribers, to bring Watson technology to the health care sector, the companies said Monday. It will be the first commercial application of Watson, which is a computing system that aims to “understand” language as humans naturally speak it. More.

Call for Submissions: The Ted Freedman Award for Innovation in Education

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  • Andrée Robichaud to President and Chief Executive Officer of Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
  • Karna Gupta to President and Chief Executive Officer of the Information Technology Association of Canada
  • Diana Noel to inaugural Executive Director of the Humber River Family Health Team
  • Neil Seeman to Advisor, RecapHealth Ventures
  • Christine Power (President & CEO, Capital District Health Authority) to Chair, Board of Directors, ACAHO.
  • Dr. Jack Kitts (President & CEO, The Ottawa Hospital) to past-Chair, ACAHO.
  • Dianne Doyle (President & CEO, Providence Health Care) to Treasurer, ACAHO.
  • Alison Tonge (Executive Vice-President, Strategy & Performance, Alberta Health Services), new Board member, ACAHO.
  • David Hill (Integrated Vice-President & Scientific Director Lawson Health Research Institute, London Health Sciences Centre), has been appointed as the incoming co-Chair, ACAHO Sub-Committee of Vice-Presidents of Health Research.

This years new members of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) are:

  • Rulon F. Stacey, PhD, FA CHE to Chairman
  • Gayle L. Capozzalo, FA CHE to Chairman-Elect
  • Christopher D. Van Gorder, FA CHE to Immediate Past Chairman
  • Thomas C. Dolan, PhD, FA CHE , CAE to President/CEO
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