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“…oncologists fail up to 90 percent of the time to respond to emotional cues from their patients.” More.


Experiencing patient safety first hand by Hugh MacLeod, President and CEO of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.

Depressed and Alone at Work by Neil Seeman

Off the Cuff

“…if you talk off-the-record to surgeons about a given procedure such as hip replacement, they will tell you they can now do two to four a day instead of one to two. The length of stay in hospital after such an operation is half what it was a decade ago. It is likely that the costs are actually declining even if the reported numbers appear flat.” Moore’s Law as applied to Healthcare by Will Falk

Organizing Primary Care for an Integrated System by Walter W. Rosser and Jan Kasperski. Published 12 years ago in HealthcarePapers and number 1 on our best read list.

Every month an average of 40,235 unique visitors drop by Longwoods websites (average of first 5 months, 2011). Many of those, of course, drop by more than once. Question: does that mean we can claim to have more than 40,000 readers? Source: Google Analytics.

Call for Nominations for CCO, CQCO, CCS 2011 Quality and Innovation Awards

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How to …

How do we follow Required Organizational Practices (ROP)
Required Organizational Practices (ROPs) are evidence-based practices that mitigate risk and contribute to improving the quality and safety of health services. In 2003, Accreditation Canada convened a Patient Safety Advisory Committee to guide the patient safety-related aspects of the accreditation program. This resulted in an ROP strategy that identified priority areas with the first ROPs being integrated into the accreditation program in 2006. Since then, additional ROPs have been identified with input from health care experts including practitioners, researchers, policy makers, academics, and health services providers. For more click here.

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  • Michael Gottlieb to Board Chair for Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario (CPA)
  • Dr. Richard Reznick, Dean of Queen’s Faculty of Health Sciences, to honorary fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.
  • Dr. Samuel Benaroya to Interim Vice-Principal (Health Affairs) and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University.

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