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Thousands of patients fear they may be the unlucky victims of the latest endoscopy and anesthetic misadventures. Ya gotta wonder.” Steven Lewis looks at Scary Headlines We Don’t See.


Are healthcare workers too pre-occupied to wash their hands? Read this: WASH YOUR BLOODY HANDS (From the New York Times) Why is this even a problem at all? There cannot be a single trained health care worker, anywhere in the world, who is unaware of the importance of hand-washing. Yet 2 million patients in America acquire an infection in the hospital every year — about one in twenty patients — and 100,000 people die of them. This is the fourth leading cause of death in America. Why can’t hospitals get health care workers to wash their hands? Read more here.

Off the Cuff

Will Falk Comments on John Ronson’s essay “LHINs at Five years – What Now?” Part 2 of 2

Tom Closson: 17 clips to retirement. No. 4: I invite anyone who is interested in improving patient access to high quality health care services, to read Four Pillars. Read more from Tom Closson here.

Back to (the wrong) school from Seth Godin’s blog

Innovative entrepreneurs have something called creative intelligence, which enables discovery yet differs from other types of intelligence (as suggested by Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences). It is more than the cognitive skill of being right-brained. Innovators engage both sides of the brain as they leverage the five discovery skills to create new ideas.
In thinking about how these skills work together, we’ve found it useful to apply the metaphor of DNA. Associating is like the backbone structure of DNA’s double helix; four patterns of action (questioning, observing, experimenting, and networking) wind around this backbone. From a new book by Clayton Christensen et al. “The Innovator’s DNA.

From CIHI (based on 2009-2010 data)
Administrative expense as a percentage of total expense
was 5.2% in 2009-2010 for reporting jurisdictions. Ontario reported the highest percentage at 6.4%, while British Columbia reported the lowest at 3.8%. The average amount spent to operate information systems, as a percentage of total expense was 2.6% in 2009-2010. The Northwest Territories reported the lowest percentage at 1.0%, while Ontario reported the highest at 3.0%.

Survey Says. . .
Canada’s doctors are finding it increasingly challenging to meet the changing health care needs of Canadians living with chronic and complex medical conditions. More here.

“. . . for every 100 people who use the Supersites (e.g. Monster) 4 people will find a job. . .Much better are the niche sites: the job boards that cater to people in certain lines of work and cater to people in a certain area.” (source: Job-Hunting Online). We recommend: Jobs.Longwoods.com. It’s the best way to hire our readers/your colleagues.

Call for Nominations: The Ted Freedman Award for Innovation in Education

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  • Sheila Jarvis to chair of board of The Change Foundation
  • Susan Pigott to vice chair of board of The Change Foundation
  • Jim Elliot to the board of The Change Foundation
  • Marcia Visser to the board of The Change Foundation
  • Douglas Sinclair to the board of The Change Foundation
  • James Stonehouse has left Odgers Berndtson Canada
  • Penny Mirams to Partner & Health Care Practice Lead for Odgers Berndtson Canada
  • Dr. Susan Tallett has retired from the Hospital for Sick Children
  • Robert Mitchell to Vice-President of Communications and Stakeholder Relations, eHealth Ontario.
  • Kevin Smith appointed to Supervisor for Niagara Health System (NHS).
  • Lori Barker to Executive Director, the Canadian Cancer Society, PEI Division
  • Cheryl Taylor to Director of Resource Development at Heart House Hospice
  • Trish Matthews to Executive Assistant to CEO Providence Healthcare Foundation
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