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Petty. So that is to say that really all that the Conservative party is committing to is to extend that six percent escalator into (20)15-16, but there’s no commitment to do it beyond that.

Flaherty. Well, we’ll see how long the agreement would be. We will keep it at six percent for whatever the duration of the agreement is. What you asked me was how long would the agreement be. Well, I don’t know, we’ll have to talk to all the provinces about that. It could be two years, five years, whatever. Whatever it is, six percent.

Jim Flaherty interviewed by Kathleen Petty on the CBC Radio Program “The House.”


The Fraser Institute Wait Time Reports: Madness in the Method, but Method in the Madness by Steven Lewis

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2012@Longwoods.com | how are we doing? Facing the information challenge of an ever-evolving internet by Anton Hart

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Once again in 2011. . . Nurses consistently top the list rating the honesty and ethical standards of various professions. In addition to nurses and firefighters, medical doctors (1976), clergy (1977, 1981, 1983, 1985), and pharmacists (1988 and 1990-1998) have also ranked as the top-rated profession in a given year. Source: Gallup.

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Ontario hospitals to disclose executives’ salaries and perks on Tuesday – The Globe and Mail

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Tom Closson “In conclusion . . .”
January 11, 2012, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto
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Gordon Guyatt, Dundas, Ontario, to officer of the Order of Canada
Seymour Schulich, Willowdale, Ontario, to officer of the Order of Canada
Calvin Stiller, Arva, Ontario, to officer of the Order of Canada
Alvin Zipursky, Toronto, Ontario, to officer of the Order of Canada
Jean Deslauriers, Saint-Laurent, Quebec to member of the Order of Canada
Mary Ferguson-Paré, Lakefield, Ontario to member of the Order of Canada
Nigel Rusted, St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador to member of the Order of Canada
Margaret Spoelstra, Toronto, Ontario to member of the Order of Canada
Garnette Sutherland, Calgary, Alberta to member of the Order of Canada
Bernard Zinman, Toronto, Ontario to member of the Order of Canada

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