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Healthcare Quarterly 7(1) November 2003 : 84-84.doi:10.12927/hcq.2003.16471

Insight: Glenn Brimacombe

Glenn Brimacombe

The Editors of Hospital Quarterly asked Glenn Brimacombe (and several other individuals in a leadership role) if any one book made a memorable and significant difference in their lives. This is his response.

"As far back as I can remember, I have been a visual person. I see the world and respond to it, through its colours and transitions; I also tend to think more clearly when articulating a problem in (at least) three dimensions. Perhaps this is one reason that I ended up as an economist! I mention this because one of the more important books in my life, one that has had a deep and resonating impact on how I view, interpret and appreciate the world is The Group of Seven - Art For A Nation (1996).

"At first glance, this may seem an odd selection; however, the combination of colour, light, and object remind me of the power of one's vision (it need not be an artist's) and the importance of execution and attention to detail. Given the time in which the Group of Seven existed and the book's extensive prose, it reinforces the importance of having the "courage of your convictions" and the rewards that can come with staying one's course.

"Their talent was irrepressible, their vision of Canada was, and still is … inspiring. As a consequence, it constantly reminds me of the rugged beauty of our terrain, and the uniqueness of our country."

Glenn Brimacombe is the Chief Executive Officer of ACAHO, more formally known as the Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations. He provides strategic management of the organization, which in turn provides national leadership and policy representation in the three related areas:

  1. funding, organization, management and delivery of highly specialized tertiary and quaternary health care services;
  2. educating the health care professionals of tomorrow; and
  3. providing the necessary infrastructure and support to conduct basic and applied health research, medical discovery and innovation.

Glenn was formerly Director of Health Programs at the Conference Board of Canada.


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